Xbox 720 Will Be A 'True Hybrid Console,' says Analyst

Xbox 720, if you believe the rumors, could be on the market as soon as Holiday 2012, which would put it in direct competition with Wii U. What kind of system will it be though? Xbox Live has been at the heart of Xbox 360 and digital has become hugely important. Now Microsoft is strongly hinting at cloud gaming tech for the 360's successor. What does it mean? IndustryGamers chatted with analysts.

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SignifiedSix2291d ago

I think it would be a great idea for them! I, myself, prefer digital much, much more than a physical copy.
Steam is the only way i purchase games for my computer, and this would be the only way i purchase games for my Nextbox.
I like it that way, because i hate having a clutter of games (like i do now) all over the place.
I'll know a digital copy would be much safer. Don't have to worry about it being scratched, or stolen! :)

donniebaseball2290d ago

There's still too much money on the table for MS to ignore physical software sales. So as the story title mentions, it would have to be a hybrid that still allows consumers to buy physical copies and not be forced into all digital.

SignifiedSix2290d ago

I wasn't opting out the physical copies.
I meant it would be a good idea for them to do it the hybrid way.
I just prefer the digital world. :P
Besides, retailers would probably go into rage mode if they got rid of physical copies. xD

T9002290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Personally i think Consoles going 100% digital would be a very bad idea. Reason being console and PC markets are different.

On the PC you have so many networks competing, you got Steam, D2D, Origin, Gamersgate, GFWL all of them competing over one platform, this also helps to create a competitive environment. Competitive environments tend to push prices lower, as can be seen on constant sales and low prices on these networks. AAA games are sold at very cheap prices few weeks after launch.

When it comes to console things are different you only have PSN for Sony and you only have XBL for MS, there is no one to compete with MS on XBL same goes for Sony. Since there is no competition there is also no need to slash prices. If Sony and MS were to have a pact on not to drop prices, it would be beyond anyones control to stop them. Both of them are companies after all and are in this for the money.

Hence i would think it would be in the gamers best interest that the retail on consoles survived.

GrumpyVeteran2290d ago

That's very true T900, but what you just said, price inflation with nothing to stop it, would be enticing to both MS and Sony, thus it might be something of reality.

kaveti66162290d ago

"Hence i would think it would be in the gamers best interest that the retail on consoles survived."

Why would it be in the best interest of the gamer for companies like MS and Sony to agree not to cut prices?

You're not making any sense. You wrote a paragraph explaining how the digital market for games is so competitive that digital copies of games get huge price cuts just weeks after launch, then you go onto say that this doesn't happen between MS and Sony.

Why is it good for gamers that Sony and MS don't cut the prices for their games?

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Alos882290d ago

I don't know, I don't like the idea of never truly owning te things that I buy, and digital seems to imply that direction.
Also, what about rentals? Will they even still be possible in a digital market?

gamingdroid2290d ago

Technically you "own" the digital copy on your hard drive. You can download the content onto your console before the provider shuts down their services.

The difference is really a double edge sword, while the network is active you can always transfer it between machines, but once the network is offline, the game is tied to the console. Dics on the other hand is easily transferable between machines, but if you loose or damage it, you are SOL.

ECM0NEY2290d ago

More bandwidth would be needed. Im talking faster then Steams 3 to 4 MB. Letting us predownload days before would be an easy fix though I guess.

Iamback2290d ago

I am jumping in next gen. Nexbox will be my first non sony system in last 3 gens. Tired of Sony tbh

DeadlyFire2290d ago

This article has wasted 5 minutes of my life. Its natural progression for console to shift towards more digital support. Physical media is far from disappearing.

GUNS N SWORDS2290d ago

when games start weighing 70 to 80 gbs what then, do we sit and wait for them to finish downloading?

no, there is no point for that. a tortuous can get me a game faster.

I think the only "Hybrid xbox console" i really want to hear, is one that can play 3 generations of gaming (xb,xb360, and xb3.)

as well as ruining the new windows os to play pc games that will probably never land on consoles.

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steve30x2290d ago

Having an option to download a game digitally or have a hard copy is a great Idea.

GribbleGrunger2290d ago

cloud gaming isn't downloadable games. cloud gaming is accessing the game via the internet and playing it on your home console

Godmars2902290d ago

Its not actually owning a game, its streaming it. Leasing it.

Laxman2290d ago

Cloud gaming has the same levels of licensing as purchased copies. If you read the booklets to games you buy, you dont actually own the game, just the license to play it, same as Cloud.

BitbyDeath2290d ago

@Lax, you do own the disc it is on which gives you the rights to the software. As opposed to cloud where you don't own anything physical and don't own the software meaning it can be taken away from you at any time.

000000000000000000012290d ago

You never own the game no matter what. When you purchase a disk copy you are only purchasing a license to use one copy of the game.
I see not very many people read/understand the End User License Agreement.

Agent_hitman2290d ago

LOL too many rumors and speculations about 720, yet none of them were confirmed by MS. LOL tiring rumors!

Fishy Fingers2290d ago

Of course they won't confirm them, they'll likely still hold some specifics close to their chest even after its been unveiled. They won't even entertain the notion yet, for fear of hurting the 360.

Fishy Fingers2290d ago

Lol... "hybrid", pretty fancy why of putting it I suppose. Your best bet is to probably look at PC trends, the bigger shift towards digital/cloud storage. A safe bet would be to assume they'll cover all bases.

It's basically just and expansion of ideas they've started to introduce late into this gen.

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