PAIN PS3 Review by GameZone - 7.0

This is a decent enough game, and for the first 10-20 minutes you may find yourself grimacing at the rag-doll antics of your far-flung friend. Then it gets redundant. The challenge is still there but that is about all the game has going for it once the 'impact' of the graphics wears off. The score, in this case, is for the graphical quality of this downloadable arcade-style title. It does not have much depth and requires a certain warped sense of humor to enjoy.

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Jinxstar3671d ago

Rock on JC. Looks great too me.

Omegasyde3671d ago

This game will be attacked by Jack Thompson. He will link this game with teenage suicides. :)

Astro3671d ago

An another Firzt Party Muzt HaVe, AAA game, zistem-zeller for the PS3!!!!!!!!! Kudos Sony, you are the best developer and publisher of 2007!

lodossrage3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Pain was never a "AAA" title. It was never promoted as one. It was never amped up as one. This was just as it is meant to be, a secondary psn download title strictly for fun.

In fact, the fact that you're hear trying to talk stupidity out of your bunghole (which you're doing a bang up job of) shows that you're insecure about the INEVITABLE demise of the 360.

And I have both systems (ps3 and 360), and even I see that microsoft's 360 future is very thin.

pwnsause3671d ago

you must of been very stupid to think if this game was hyped as AAA by sony and the people here on this site.

OatLoops3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

You're trying to win n4g's "biggest douchebag" contest, huh? Come on, Mass Effect recently came out. Go play something instead of posting useless dribble!

C_SoL3671d ago

yup thats right, "the biggest douchebag" haha

LeonSKennedy4Life3671d ago

Regardless of rating... least Sony's MAKING games for their system.

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sheng long3671d ago

PSN keeps pumping out these fun little games. Keep it up sony!

Chubear3671d ago

For less than $10 this game is a no brainer. It looks like fun and costs virtually nothing.

jackdoe3671d ago

Wow. Thought people would dislike this game cause it was only one level but it seems to be pretty fun.

xplosneer3671d ago

IMO not into the kind of game...back to Everyday Shooter.

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