The Most Beautiful Place in My Skyrim

Kotaku - While it only takes a half hour to run from one end to another, Bethesda has packed an extraordinary world inside Skyrim's tiny space, filled with visuals sure to strike a chord in anyone that's ever contemplated the majesty of nature. Here's my favorite spot. What's yours?

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RedDead2405d ago

What a depressing the end I thought "what creep would make this" then the Kotaku sign shows up. There are better looking places in it too.

Danniel12405d ago

Take more than half an hour to get accross this bad boy.

LightofDarkness2405d ago

There are definitely better looking spots, IMO, but it all comes down to opinion. You're going to like whatever part of the environment reminds you most of home, or some other place that makes you feel all glow-y or nostalgic inside. If you've always admired the beauty of the arctic, for instance, you'll probably prefer to be among the snow capped wastes in the far north (around Winterhold).

Perjoss2405d ago

The entrance to Markarth and Markarth itself are for me the best looking places so far after 44 hours of exploring.

Captain Tuttle2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

I did a drinking contest with some dude and ended up in the Temple there. Walking out of the temple was my first really big "wow" moment in the game. Markarth from that angle is amazing.

Edit: Ended up with a great quest btw, very funny.

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