IGN-Uncharted 3 Flashback Map Pack Announced

Naughty Dog announced today that Uncharted 2 maps will be coming to Uncharted 3's multiplayer. As revealed on the PlayStation Blog, Flashback Map Pack #1 will contain at least two maps previously seen in Uncharted 2

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Trainz2466d ago

Flashback map pack!
What is it with developers recycling maps from previous games.
Its just simply lazy.
And before everyone goes all apesh*t saying naughty dog is god or in naughty dog we trust well I'm just saying that this is half assed and they should be ashamed.

SonyNGP2466d ago

Don't you ever call Naughty Gods lazy again.

AntiTroll2466d ago

He knows not what he says, he's gone mad.

Show pitty.

LOGICWINS2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

@SonyNGP- What will you do if he says it again? lol

BeaArthur2466d ago

I don't think it's lazy but I do think it's BS that 3 of the maps that shipped with U3 are retreads from U2 DLC. Meanwhile down the road I will have to pay extra for new maps. That is pretty weak if you ask me.

AntiTroll2466d ago

The maps are redone not recycled.

BattleTorn2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

1. To do over again.
2. To redecorate: redo the walls in blue.
3. An act or instance of doing something again.

1. To put or pass through a cycle again,
2. To extract useful materials from (garbage or waste)

"To put through a cycle again"
"act of doing something again"


LOGICWINS2466d ago

I think that every PS3 owner that has UC2 save data in their hardrive should get the redone UC3 map packs for free.

Ducky2466d ago

... has there been any announcement on the actual price of the map-pack?

coolbeans2466d ago

^Then why are you jumping to conclusions?

Dno2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Nope i love Uncharted 2 maps so did 5 million other buyers. This is actually a good move.

Stop thinking eveyone thinks like you. If you dont want the maps do not buy it its that simple. You know they are gonna make at least 4-5 map packs and this is the first so we are getting new ones. So you are just complaining to get people to react to you.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash2466d ago

If you don't like it, dont't buy it. It is simple as that.

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BattleTorn2466d ago

This sure isn't the first time old maps (that users have already purchases for the predecessor) being re-sold as new.

(CODs zombie map pack)

IMO Uncharted should have done this later to avoid being criticized.
ND already stated they have a good DLC line-up (for MP only) and it seems odd that they'd kick-it-off with a recycled release.
Saving the best for last, ND?

Fred_C_Dobbs2466d ago

SO....they shipped the game with 4..count em'...4 maps from #2.
and now they gonna sell 2 more maps that come from uncharted 2
the success of naughty dog has gone to their head. the story of uncharted 3 was a letdown, the recoil of guns and has the worst hit detection of any game period. take off the damn rose tinted glasses please, ur not doing gamers any favours defending ND. and the next one will suck if they dont adapt and evolve the series.

Fred_C_Dobbs2466d ago

you people who rabidly defend naughty dog are worst than the taliban, keep disagreeing!

Hicken2466d ago

Four? The Facility and the Ruins are from UC1, though they weren't multiplayer there. Then there are two actually FROM UC2: Highrise and The Museum. Outside of them, there are eight maps from UC3, which is just as many as UC2 had out of the box.

As for the story, it's a shame you didn't enjoy it. I did. You kinda didn't explain anything about the recoil... and the hit detection is fine.

You honestly just sound like one of those people looking for reasons to hate on a superb game.

smashcrashbash2466d ago

Everyone always thinks Sony should give everything away for free.PS1 games should be free, PS2 games should be free, using the UMD games should be free, PSP games should be free, DLC should be free. Meanwhile every other developers and company charge for everything they can trying to squeeze every penny out their gamers and everyone is always ready to pull there wallets out to pay for what ever it is.

But as soon as any one from Sony say the word 'pay' suddenly gamers piss their pants.You always think you deserve this and you deserve that. Because you brought UC2 months ago that entitles you to free DLC now. Oh yeah that is reasonable /s. I laugh when everyone jumps to say these developers and companies are greedy when gamers are just as big penny pinchers and greedy to the core.You always believe that you are owed something when in reality no one owes you squat.

Grimhammer002466d ago

Their is a difference between paying for dlc and paying for content that you essentially already own.

If these older maps are significantly changed, added to, expanded on - then sure, I'll pay.
But not if the maps are 98% same.

smashcrashbash2466d ago

Let me ask you something. Gamers and hackers and everyone else in between are always saying this should be free and that should be free and this and that person should give you this for that etc. Now if you were ND and you upgraded the look of the older maps would you give it to everyone for free? No you wouldn't. You would charge for it. You would never be running around saying it should be free. Its always easy to say you should give away something when your not the one making the effort or selling it.

Its the same attitude the hackers have. Always stealing and breaking into things claiming businesses are evil but if they make or invent anything they want to make a profit off of it. Why didn't they give the jailbreak devices away for free? Because they wanted money for it. Businesses must never ask for money for anything that is theirs but you must get everything for pocket change and for free. They don't deserve money for their creation or effort or time but you deserve free stuff because you say so.

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