The Ultimate Assassin's Creed II Movie Cast

GamingUnion: "Much like the Uncharted series, Assassin's Creed is going to be getting the Hollywood treatment sometime soon. Rumors have been flying as to who fans think would best fit the bill for their favorite Assassin's Creed characters.

In honor of the release of Assassin's Creed: Revelations, we decided to take a stab at casting an Assassin's Creed II movie.

This is no simple task. For a start, Ezio Auditore and Desmond, while having the same in-game model are very different characters. There's also the Italian flavour that Assassin's Creed II focussed on."

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mephman2350d ago

Seems like a solid list. Eric Balfour as Desmond is a master stroke.

Too_many_games2350d ago

Shouldn't Kristen Bell be Lucy since she is a great actress and is the voice and character model of Lucy? i thought that would be a no brainer

fozzness2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

If you read the description, the writer didn't want to cast voice actors because that's her rule.

"Although the voice actress for Lucy is fitting, I decided to go with a big name actress instead so I chose Natalie Portman."

Kristen Bell would only sell to the gamers, but Natalie Portman would sell to a wider net.

Too_many_games2349d ago

its a Video game movie adaption...i would hope it would sell to the GAMERS. Why do you think most movie/games are horrible? Because they try to veer too far away from what made the GAMES great (Prince of Persia-Jake Gyllenhaal)

fozzness2349d ago

@Too_Many_Games - No, that movie stunk because of poor writing and a poorly written screenplay. You can't pin it on the actors. They can only work with what they're given and those directors on Prince of Persia were the ones who bastardized the movie.. not the actors.

Johnny_Cojones2350d ago

A few of the suggestions are decent.

Hicken2349d ago

Wait... so what about the first game?