4 truths about Assassin’s Creed Revelations

The Gamer Sheep website has a post that lays out four truths about Assassin's Creed Revelations. Those include that the game should have been delayed to help separate it from a crowded room of games and that this story is the best of the franchise.

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ironfist922434d ago

Good list. I dont mind the easy gameplay, but it is SERIOUSLY in need of a rehaul. If they dont fix it in AC3, I dont know if I can buy another one after that.

And the delay would have been redundant. They had two options, either release Revelations in 2011, or not made it at all. Delaying it for another year qould ruin the collaboration between the game's timeline and our own. They're going to release AC3 in 2012, meaning if Revelatiosn was released next year, it wouldnt make sense for Ac3 to release in 2013.

SO far I'm having a BLAST with Revelations, best game in the series so far!

Lord_Sloth2434d ago

Is it wrong that I actually enjoy the combat mechanics in the AC franchise due to their counter system? Beating the fight is easy, sure, but beating the fight without getting hit or missing a beat, that's where the challenge lies.

ironfist922433d ago

Yea, the combat is enjoyable, but compared to the many dynamic gameplay mechanics of other AAA games, its easy to see why it needs to change.

Look at Arkham Asylum's freeflow combat, its exactly what Assassin's Creed needs.

If they dont change it for AC3 I will still enjoy the game, however I will be dissapointed they didnt improve or innovate it.

SageHonor2434d ago

Hey gamer Sheep.. Do you need another editor to write articles? I have ideas