This Is Why Battlefield 3 Is Loved By Many

Battlefield 3 has been taunted as being the best shooter yet. Let's take a look at why we love this game so much.

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-Alpha2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

I really hate the realism argument, BF is far from realistic. It's just that the immersion of warfare feels authentic. Killzone 2 was similar for me in this regard, as was MAG sometimes.

For me, the approach is more open ended and as a result, there is always some new experience to be had that manages to wow me. That's the simplest reason why I love Battlefield. Only reason I prefer it to CoD is because CoD is not what it used to be and thus BF is just that much more inviting.

ATi_Elite2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

BF3 graphics are Ultra amazing and the gameplay is top notch but there are a few things about Red Orchestra 2 that i like better than BF3 but overall BF3 is better in the long run.

I'm currently playing RO2, BF3, and Nuclear Dawn and all 3 together fulfill my FPS needs.

If i was stuck with just one FPS and a bunch of friends then yeh i would easily choose BF3......until Planetside 2 and Arma III comes out! :)

PhantomT14122319d ago

It is realistic but not in the same way as a sim or a tactical shooter. Those kind of games like Arma and Flashpoint are realistic in the amount of parameters and input players can control which makes it pretty complicated while BF3 has realistic gameplay properties. It's still not as realistic as the other two I've mentioned and is balanced to be "fun" but it's aiming realism and military authenticity.

duplissi2319d ago

exactly! coming from my military experience battlefield 3 is one of the most realistic military shooters out there!

especially the sound! no game (except maybe bfbc1/2) come close to how accurate and authentic the weapons and vehicles sound.

Somebody2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Realism in games is a rather touchy subject. As much as I enjoy combat flight sims, I usually turn off the fuel realism mode since, yeah, why the hell I spent long minutes to get to the action only to have the plane telling me "Bingo Fuel" a minute later. But games like HAWX with 100 missles (at least) per plane is far too unrealistic for my taste since it always grind to the usual spin around in 360 until you find an enemy, fire/evade, repeat the circling.

Battlefield 3 do offer a glimpse of realism but just enough not to frustrate the action gamers. DICE knows this and cater to this perfectly. It slowly introduces some realistic elements (bullet drop) followed by non-realistic ones (self healing vehicle).

An on-going evolution of balance between realism and fun for total immersion. It's nice to see that in a game.

The best aspect of BF3, for me at least, is the sound. There are times when I just want to lie down and listen to the battle. Of course the threat of some enemy slitting my throat is enough to keep me moving.

Although I do find it much harder to be aware of an enemy approaching from behind (footsteps). At first I thought my sound system is whacked but then I see that most of my knife victims never show any indication of hearing me running towards them. The only time they do notice is when there's T-UGS next to them.

davekaos2319d ago

i sort of agree that Bf3 is not realistic that being said though this game is not down as a SIM and compared to any other FPS apart from the 2 mentioned below i dont think anything else comes close to what the BF series has shown us.

Like you alpha i have lost interest in COD now, they turned a really good game being mw1 into a very poor one.

Teamplay and squads is what stands out for me and as an example i was on last night playing 64v64 on metro conquest. Just as the initial time limit finished before the start of the map every person followed the guy in front. 64 players all charging together to take access of a point was immense and epic at the same time.

Thats why i love BF

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E2S2319d ago

Battlefield 3 has been taunted as being the best shooter yet. Let's take a look at why we love this game so much.

how can you be 'taunted' about something positive?

nighmare232319d ago

bf3 halo skyrim pg4 gear of war 3............. so hard to go back to bf3 because now im playing skyrim all these great games all out at once..just wow.....

Rob Hornecker2319d ago

I am more of a battlefield fan than I am a CoD fan. Although I own and play both series of games,to me NOTHING beats the online VS mode of BF3!

Even though I may not get the most kills or always be on the winning side,I always come away from a match enjoying myself more so in BF3 than ANY CoD game ever has.

The problem with CoD is there is NO "team" in "me,me,me"! It takes skill to drive a tank,fly a jet or copter with success that most run and gunners just don't want to learn.

As Ben says in this story,BF3 is a team based game and if you can't talk and play well with others on your squad,don't bother playing BF3 and stick to CoD.

If you want a realistic modern military shooter then search out the used games for either of the Operation Flashpoint games and Americas Army.

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