Rat Race; IGN Q&A with the Game's Head Writer and Voice Director.

IGN writes:

"In October -- seemingly out of the blue -- Super-Ego Games popped up on the IGN doorstep with a wacky idea: an episodic PSN game that plays like an office sitcom. The developer, known for the Barbie Diaries on the PC, promised to toss players into the world of BiggCo, an ethically-challenged consumer products company, and let the gamers take the role of Tina Brooks. Tina, a brand manager with the company, will need to survive a number of "wacky, over-the-top, and wildly inappropriate situations" to make her way through the corporate ranks. Super-Ego promised to bring in writers from SNL, My Name Is Earl and more. Then, the developer went silent".

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Skerj3951d ago

I was hoping this would hit PSN this year, but it doesn't look like it. In any case I can't wait, it looks funny as hell with the writers on board and I love adventure games.

Siesser3951d ago

Yeah, I'm defintely looking forward to this. I still have fond memories of Escape From Monkey Island; gone are the days where games weren't about just shooting, racing, or sports. I miss adventure/comedy games.