First DLC character detailed for The King of Fighters XIII

Game publisher Atlus has revealed its initial DLC plans for the upcoming fighting title The King of Fighters XIII by announcing an assortment of downloadable content that will be made available shortly following the game's late November launch.

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TheSoundDefense2465d ago

Usually I get annoyed by early DLC announcements, but with release so close it's probably the case that this was DLC they made after the game went gold. Annoyance nullified.

SactoGamer2465d ago

Or they planned it all along.

Simon_Brezhnev2464d ago

yeah they probably planned it all along. Just like capcom and aksys.

Tanir2464d ago

@ Im Da Boss

Yeah though thats every single company in gaming lately isn't it?

MoreRPG2464d ago

5 dollars for one character is too much why not offer 3 characters for the same price

Grimhammer002464d ago

Wasn't he in kof12? Wtf is this shit?!