New Modern Warfare 3 Glitch Video Shows How to Hide Inside Trucks In Outpost Multiplayer Map

Looking to cheese it up online during some COD multiplayer action. Here's a Modern Warfare 3 glitch that'll assist you for the Outpost Multiplayer Map.

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fooxy2200d ago

Kinda sad, they use same engine for so many years yet still such a big glitches make to the final game...

Heartnet2199d ago

This is hardly a big glitch just a small problem with the collision detection

hennessey862200d ago

I had a bad time with MW2 was the glitching and it never got patched, so far I have only rented MW3 and if this kind of thing doesn't get sorted I will be spending my money on Skyrim instead.

rezzah2199d ago

At the very basic Skyrim will not only offer many hours of gameplay like MW3 will, if you play MW3 for that long, but it will be non-repetitive and interesting with random events.

Also it has infinite missions, so it only ends when you want it to.

StarWolf2199d ago

this will come in handy

dvfaa2199d ago

they'll just get banned soon

chickens2198d ago

why would someone get banned for doing a glitch? its not their fault its in the game and they didn't no sort of hack.

dvfaa2198d ago

They'll be banned for exploiting the glitch which is cheating

chickens2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

no chance. it was not their fault the glitch was there in the first place. i bought the game, if there is a glitch on it and 'i will get banned if i even did it accidently' that would be the most stupid thing in the game.

it would be cheating if someone hacked it, they will have an advantage etc, but anyone can do this glitch + you can kill the enemy inside it still from the back.

Hicken2198d ago

People still call folks haters when THIS sorta crap is going on. A game with no beta, suffering from the same issues as the last four games.

I don't want CoD to fail. I just want it to be better than this crap.