Nolan North urges Assassin's Creed to adopt Uncharted mo-cap - 'There's absolutely a difference'

Voice of Desmond Miles (and pretty much every other game hero) Nolan North has urged Ubisoft to adopt motion capture methods similar to Naughty Dog's Uncharted.

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ATi_Elite2470d ago

Yep Nolan is right cause Uncharted mo-cap looks way better than AC. Uncharted is along the lines of HL2 where everything just flows naturally whether it's a cut scene or game play.

in AC sometimes you don't even know who's talking.

NukaCola2470d ago

I love the mocap of Uncharted 2 and 3. It doesnt feel fake. Studio mocapping feels less realistic. These charaters are really doing stunts as they are talking. When they are tired and screaming, you can hear it. Nolan never fakes any emotional sound when playing Drake. I think it is Hollywood worthy the way they do it.

ABizzel12469d ago

Both game can borrow from each other, Uncharted can borrow the open world that Assassin's Creed has for it's cities.

ironfist922469d ago

The motion capture of Uncharted is aweosme, but the facial animation in Assassin's Creed is phenomenal, almost as good as LA Noire.

If Ubisoft managed to mix Uncharted's body-cap and their own facial-Cap, we could have some pretty amazing animation!

sourav932470d ago

Would make the AC franchise even more epic!

Drekken2470d ago

Can't argue, but is it epic? AC2 was the best in series and the rest has been dull. Ac1 was absolute repetitive garbage.

sourav932470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

It's still an awesome franchise. And just because the first one wasn't as good, doesn't really mean the franchise on the whole is crap. For instance look at the Uncharted franchise, of which I am one of the biggest fans, was the FIRST game really that much ground breaking compared to it's sequels? Yes, the story telling, the cinematics, etc, was all great, but the gameplay mechanics kinda sucked. That doesn't mean that the series isn't epic.

With AC1, yes the gameplay was repetitive, but if it wasn't a big deal, why was it such a big success? There are a lot of new games coming out each year, each having their own moments of glory, but how many have been able to stand with the Uncharteds, the ACs, the CoD's (srry, but had to put it in), the Gears, etc. So you see my point...

KaBaW2469d ago

And, they learned from their mistakes on Assassins Creed 1, aye?

DigitalRaptor2470d ago

Assassin's Creed is great at what it does, as is Uncharted.

Nolan is right though. All development studios that can afford to should invest in that sort of mo-cap. It makes all the difference and allows for a more convincing performance.

kaveti66162470d ago

Assassin's Creed was good but Ubisoft is just driving it into the ground.

Humans are always looking for novelty. They want new things but they want those new things to be familiar. That's why gamers want sequels to show graphical improvement. ACII, AC Brotherhood, and now Revelations look too much alike. The visuals are the same, the environments are too much alike, the animations are the same, and so on.

Seeing the same game release every year is depressing.

Ubisoft is losing a lot of money on its other franchises and is using AC to hold itself up.

jetlian2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

said this on another tread! Each game has gotten a lot better. ACR is in 3d and has a lot better fighting and atmosphere. I nly played the first mission at a friends and it was easily the best

Nolan couldn't mocap the physical stuff that AC requres! Animation for movement in this game is above UC

Tachyon_Nova2470d ago

I always thought ACII series had better combat animations than Uncharted...