Call of Duty: Will the Fans Give Up? |

Jen Alaggia wrote: Today's topic deals with something that even I found pretty shocking; checking up on the user score for Modern Warfare 3 reveals a (as of today) a user score of 3.2. The reason I find this shocking is that among Call of Duty fans, I was under the impression that the games could do no wrong. Compared to the incredibly favourable score from reviewers, it makes wonder where the rift is.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2466d ago

I truly love the series, but Really for the Story and I really enjoyed the spec ops and new survival mode. But multiplayer is not for me, it's gotten really stale since Mw2.
I'll stick to other games for my multiplayer fix.

chriski3332465d ago

Yes fans should give up and not give don't these cheap bastards recycle a game and just collect millions for a crappy recycled game

hennessey862466d ago

you do realize atleast half of the metacritic user scores are by butt hurt fanboys trying to tarnish cods good name.

madjedi2465d ago ShowReplies(2)
Fishy Fingers2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Even if 50% of consumers turned their backs on it, it would still be more profitable than 90% of the games out there.

Although I think it's clearly going to need something done if they want to maintain its current popularity.

iamnsuperman2465d ago

This article went wrong in the first paragraph. A little note. Do not use metacritic user reviews as any sort of evidence about people not liking a game especially big games like COD. Its irrelevent because the amount of times this happens on meta critic is astounding. A lot of sad people review games as 0 or 10. This time ot is more 0s than 10s. It does however speak for the users and which game they most likely prefer.

jukins2465d ago

its only a matter of time. Like all the other Activision franchises they've milked into death CoD will follow, but it will take longer than the likes of tony hawk, guitar hero, etc

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