GameInformer- Need for Speed: The Run Review

GameInformer: "The premise of Need for Speed: The Run is very intriguing. Races at breakneck speeds, out-of-the-car segments offering new experiences, and an over-arcing story to tie it all together could have created a breakthrough racing title that solved the genre’s repetitive nature. Although The Run contains all of these constituent parts, it fails to execute or combine them in a way that is engaging. After I finished the game, I had raced across America, escaped the mob, and cheated death numerous times, but was left with relatively few postcards to remember the experience by."

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Snowii2468d ago

approved :)

and i see the game isent working out

shame though i planned to get it

hennessey862468d ago

have grown out of arcade racers, NFS was good but now its just the same over and over again. EA have also destriod the only arcade racer I ever enjoyed "burnout" but I suppose thats one way to get rid of your main competiter, buy them and ruin there game