Do You Suffer From Pre-Game Depression? | GameBlurb

GameBlurb writes, "You have been reading the news and waiting excitedly for months for the release of the next big game in your favorite series. Now, with game in hand, you feel a tinge of trepidation…you may suffer from PGS."

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Gordo7892321d ago

wow.... ummm.... no, not really.

MariaHelFutura2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

I dont know about depressed...but I was super excited for Skyrim. Leading up to it minutes felt like hours..... I havent felt that way about a game for a long long time.

Domer252321d ago

Well i have the GTA V blues....:(

t0mmyb0y2321d ago

I know. It's going to be a long one :(

Snowii2321d ago

to be honest i never got excited for a game

im always "meh"when a game comes out

LOGICWINS2321d ago

Same here. The last time I got super excited for a game was when I got GTA 3. Now when I get a game, I'm happy that I have it..but I'm not like "OMG OMG OMG!"

Snowii2321d ago

even bf3 or black ops dident get me hyped

i think we have a problem :(

MaxXAttaxX2321d ago

I don't think you have a problem.

Most people outgrow their "Nintendo 64" kid in them.

WooHooAlex2321d ago

Kind of in the same boat as you. Is it weird that I get more excited for game announcements than the actual game itself?

MariaHelFutura2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )


Its from being on N4G/the internets. Watching GP vids, trailers, talking about it and hearing people bashing/praising a game for months/years...

Its called overkill.

Pikajew2321d ago

Same for me. I stop my self from being on the hype train. I only get excited for games when I get them.

HaHa_Ostrich2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

I actually suffer a "No time for the game depression" or a NTFTGD syndrome. I often refuse to play a game, until I have scheduled a proper time frame for it. It kinda sucks, its really hard to find that timeframe for hundreds hours of gameplay just for a single game, like lets say any bethesda game. I remember being a kid... had all the time in the world... *sigh*

callcollectplz2321d ago

Didn't realize this existed. I can understand anxiety but not depression; maybe anger since it wasn't what you expected.

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