Angry Grandma pwns in Call of Duty - Language Warning for Video

CakeandGames: This grandma not only has a temper, but she is letting you know exactly what she thinks about Call of Duty!!

Also I have to say Grandma has some skills lol, I thought this was
amazing at her age how good she was at the game!

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jc485732378d ago

so uh... it's a game for pussies. Nice review, grandma.

Tanir2377d ago

majin, ur face is fake aswell as your life!

your really a persian spy that lost his memory and fell into a time machine that caused your body to get younger. you were adopted because you were thought to be abandoned then you lived your life forgetting who you really are,

the persian empire has located you and is dispatching members to bring you back and eliminate your supposed family and will retain you because you were their best. so yes YOUR FAKE, Remember who you are Johnny! Remember!

NukaCola2377d ago

Casual old gamers my ass. This granma is a BEAST!

LoL, it's funny, but she seems like she's got more anger in life than a game.

Majin-vegeta2378d ago

*It's a game for pussies*

xDDDDDD that had me laughing so hard people thought in class i was crazy for laughing xD.

Jdub895O2377d ago

i think she said

Relientk772377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

"F*ck the UAV. I don't need UAV. I can play without that sh*t. I know where everyone is."


Granny is funny, and she got some skills lol

jjb19812377d ago

This is what grandparents do when kids are sleeping....

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The story is too old to be commented.