Joystiq- Saints Row The Third Review: Walking the talk

Joystiq's Ben Gilbert: "I'm glad to say that, with Saints Row: The Third, Bilson's "Core Games" group is finally on solid ground. And in that respect, actually walking some of the big talk we've heard so much in the past few years. Beyond the now-infamous weaponized dildo and the inclusion of certifiable jams like Kanye West's "Power," there's so, so much to love and enjoy about Saints Row: The Third."

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JellyJelly2464d ago

No one should miss out on this game. It's so much fun! Best open world sandbox game this gen imo.

Hufandpuf2464d ago

I'm watching my friend play it, I can't wait to play it myself. Why am I typing!? I should be playing it right now!

5119ent2464d ago

Playing on it

ssb31732456d ago

This looks to be a decent game, can't wait for my copy