Happy 10th Birthday Xbox! Has Xbox Influenced Your Life?

XXLGaming writes, "Its been 10 years to the date that Microsoft first launched Xbox to the gaming world. 10 years ago online gaming was mainly done via the PC and the occasional Dreamcast game. So has Xbox influenced your life at all? I know it has mine in a few forms and fashions."

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darthv722319d ago

it has more added to the enjoyment of this medium than influenced it. In fact, every console since pong has done that.

Septic2318d ago

Same here.

It is responsible for great gaming moments in my life- from first playing Halo and being completely blown-away by it, to playing online and truly experiencing online play on consoles, to SEVERAL brilliant moments with friends where I have screamed on-screen (I blame COD lol), laughed a lot and got to know people better.

It has been a good 10 years. Lets hope for 10 more happy years!

mcstorm2318d ago

I have to agree with you too. When I heard that MS were going into the console business i thought it was going to be a big flop with the ugly console massive controller but how wrong I was as soon as I got my hands on one the xbox and 360 have been my 1st choice console for the past 2 gens and ive owned them all.

This gen we have see some very good things from MS and it has also made Sony and Nintendo up there game so I see next gen being even better than this one from all 3.

hennessey862319d ago

It turned me form being a die hard Sony fanboy into a multi console gamer with the best of both worlds and Ill never just own one of the systems ever again.

news4geeks2318d ago

I can honestly say it hasn't in the slightest.

Sub4Dis2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

then you aren't a gamer. if it wasn't for xbox, there wouldn't be achievements, or that intense push for online console gaming, or making FPS work without a mouse n keyboard.

just because you don't own an xbox doesn't mean you haven't benefited from their contributions.

GrumpyVeteran2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

Maybe he's a PC gamer? I am a PC gamer and Xbox hasn't influenced me at all (in a positive way), I simply don't care about it. Achievements are completely worthless, I've even played a few PC titles that had some and I didn't even realise, it just seems so ridiculous to provide pseudo achievement to players lol. The xbox did do a good thing for console online gaming, but doesn't affect me as a PC gamer, and I really dislike using a gamepad for an FPS.

/shrug, did nothing good for me apart from providing me some shoddy console ports.

killerhog2318d ago

sega dreamcast did all that. you must be like 10 or something.

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES2318d ago

I love how u have 6 if they have a say in what influenced you lol.....

ZippyZapper2318d ago

MS says you are welcome for trophies, PSN, dlc, video/music marketplace, HD consoles, and HDDs in your consoles.

Sub4Dis2318d ago

Well Halo made FPS a viable console option.

and, Xbox Live turned me into an official "hard core" gamer. it set the expectation for online console gaming and communicating with fellow gamers.

achievement points have pretty much become the norm since microsoft made them mandatory for games on xbox.

i've met some awesome people through Live over the years.

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The story is too old to be commented.