Skyrim Infinite Gold, Sprint, & Magicka Glitches

Dualshock Nexus: Check out these several helpful glitches that can be found in Skyrim.


The full set of glitches can be viewed at the source.

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WillGuitarGuy2314d ago

The infinite magica glitch is really helpful. I'll let my buddy know about this.

norman292314d ago

Lol that infin magicka 'glitch' is sh*t, on a side note though ive had a genuine magicka 'glitch' dunno how it happens but done it a few times now where i just suddenly get infini magicka, the blue bar just wont delpeete just stays full

BattleTorn2314d ago

"That's not your horse!"-me

Avernus2314d ago

I like the sprint glitch. Just gets me to where I need to go quicker.

Canary2314d ago

Gold glitch sounds useful.

I've got my house in Whitrun literally overflowing with expensive jewelry, gemstones and scrolls because it's so tedious trying to sell off loot to shopkeepers that don't have the money to buy more than a fraction of what I need to unload.

Pikajew2314d ago

It's not a glitch. It's called console commands on PC

BraveToaster2314d ago

player.additem f 999999999999999999

MRMagoo1232314d ago


isnt it 0000000f then 9999999999999999?

BraveToaster2314d ago

Actually yeah, I think it is. I don't cheat so I wasn't positive.

Gawdl3y2314d ago

"f" in hexadecimal is equal to "00000000f", just like "1" in base 10 is the same as "00001".
Therefore, both of your versions work.
I would use player.additem f 99999999, as it takes less typing.

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