Mario vs. Link? Who is the uncrowned the king of Nintendo?

Mario and Link have been in dozens of Nintendo games. Combined they have sold close to 3 million games. Both have had their ups and downs, but the question remains who is the king of Nintendo?

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crxss2437d ago

Link should be but it's probably Mario, unfortunately.

MaxXAttaxX2437d ago

I don't like being force to play with motion controls.

NukaCola2437d ago

The one think Mario has that Zelda should do is RPGs. There is a lite leveling system in Zelda II but I would really love seeing a growing system for Zelda. The ability to level weapons and grow in the game. It doesnt need a light/dark side choice, or any fallout/elder scrolls style game. But look at the vast creativity between MARIO RPG, The Mario Luigi Saga, the Paper Mario games. The Mario role playing games are phenomenal. I think a solid Zelda story with good companion development would be pretty cool. A new take on the series. I think a role playing game with the styles of old Squaresoft would be a cool think to see. TRIFORCE Goddesses that summon power, growing the bombs into better bombs. Plus Zelda only really has fetch quests and tiny dungeons as side quests. Sometime tedious tasks like races, arcade style games and chopping plants...I would love to see some really intersting side quests and other things such as. Each Zelda is focused on the core concept of the series, but with different styles and twists. I would like to see someday, that this awesomely epic action/adventure take a bit of a roleplaying approach...maybe.


MariaHelFutura2437d ago

All I know is this...... In a fight, Link would destroy Mario.

cpayne932437d ago

Yeah but what happens when you take away the sword and stuff? Link's just a regular guy for the most part, Mario can jump 20 feet in the air and can freaking throw Bowser and that King Bomb guy.

Fylus2437d ago

Link has the power to blast fire all around him, shield himself with diamond shaped energy, and essentially teleport. Link is also an amazing sumo wrestler...

If you take Link's powers away, you have to be fair and take Mario's too. In which case, Link would destroy Mario.

Fylus2437d ago

Oh yeah, and at minimum, Link has 3 hearts of health. Mario, at his fully grown form, has 2 hits to die. If you wanna go more in depth, Mario at maximum health is like 8 hits while Links is 20. (Not including the white outline thing that doubles it)

cpayne932437d ago

Yeah.. but you can't really measure hit points the same way. What about mario rpg? You started at 20 points and could end with over 300. Besides, is Mario's jumping abilities and strength really a power? How did he obtain it,or did he just get it naturally? Not completely sure why I'm arguing about a nonexistant being though. But if you really took those abilities away, Link would still be a kid and Mario a grown man.

TruthbeTold2437d ago

What a random, silly, and cool conversation. :)

Trunkz Jr2437d ago

Link can catch chickens, nuff said.

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manman62437d ago

When people think of Nintendo they think of Mario.

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Squatch832437d ago

''Combined they have sold close to 3 million games.''

All wrong... More like 300 million.

lumley6662437d ago

ye i thought that too lol 3 million wtf i think most mario and zelda games sell like 3 million each an theres been tons of em

DarkBlood2437d ago

im sorry i just cant choose between the 2

Taz Yamauchi2437d ago

Limk ofcoz, Mario just jumps all over the place

Snowii2437d ago

mario obviously

Italian plumbers are the THING now

Fylus2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Oh and elf swordsmen from alternate dimensions aren't?

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