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In a game that inundates a player with things to do, that allows him or her to choose activities and missions, doesn't it naturally follow that one's choices should ultimately influence the outcome? This is the theory on which Saints Row: The Third is predicated. Whereas previous entries told multiple, parallel-yet-distinct stories and then tied them together in an ending sequence, Saints Row: The Third tells one story with a large cast of important characters, intermingled and interspersed.

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RayRay362351d ago

If the review score ends in .9 the integrity of your life fails. Really?? 3.9?

Mustang300C20122351d ago

Actually complaining about a damn score says more about you than it does about his review. Really get off the review score and stick with the actual review. You might need to reevaluate your own life.

D3mons0ul2351d ago

Or any score with a .9 is objectively retarded?

Even if it's a 4.9, it still seems nitpicky like the reviewer put it down JUST so they didn't have to give it a 5/5 or in this case, 4/5.

RayRay362351d ago

Im not complaining about the score of Saints Row 3. The fact he ended it in a .9 is fucking retarded. I would like to know what negates a .1 off ANY game scored X.9

frostyhat1232351d ago

Someone didn't read the review. It would great to see how gamer's would react if we took the score out of the review, because right now we focus way to much on the score and way to little on the writing which is the part that matters most.

Candy12351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

User reviews will count in the end as critical reviews are more often than not measured against the competition which defeats the point as Saints row the third is tailored for fun around an action ambitious narrative.

YodaCracker2351d ago

Right... User reviews, where 90% of the scores are 1s and 10s, mostly from people who haven't even played the game.

Hufandpuf2351d ago

I'm playing it now and the action is hetic! It's a must buy open world game.

ssb31732343d ago

This looks to be a decent game, can't wait for my copy