Assassin's Creed Revelations Signature Edition missing bonus codes

GameDynamo - "The box came with a Uplay card and a pre-order which was in French," a friend of mine told me. "It says to see the English card for the code, but there is no English card. I went back to the store, they cracked open another box, and it was the same thing – French pre-order card, nothing more. Eventually, they just gave me a code. I took it home and it didn’t work."

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Dark_Overlord2469d ago

How many games is this now that has botched up these codes?

Vortex3D2469d ago

Even then, there are still plenty of gamers who bought into the pre-order marketing hype.

kneon2469d ago

Mine only had the French Gamestop card without the code, but they knew there was a problem before the game arrived as they had emailed me a code yesterday saying that many games where missing the code card.

radphil2469d ago

"How many games is this now that has botched up these codes?"

1 too many.

Grimhammer002469d ago

Fuck I'm heading to GameStop now. Cross fingers.

Nakiro2469d ago

They are aware of the problem, I got an email yesterday with a code for all that stuff. I just got the game today though.

Chevalier2469d ago

Ask them if they have the codes e-mailed. We got ours in a e-mail on the PS3 and cut them out and stuck them to the cases for our customers. The 360 versions were packed properly.