A Game I'm Grateful For

When the editors of GotGame requested that we celebrate the upcoming fall holiday by sharing the games we’re thankful for, a litany of titles swirled through my head. Admittedly, most of these came to mind for somewhat facetious reasons– it’s easy to make decisions for an editorial like this by picking a title that will garner reaction of support. I thought, “I’ve probably logged more hours into the Madden franchise than any other game, but no one cares about Madden.” Not to mention that game isn’t particularly as meaningful with the emergence of fantasy football. There’s the easy-out option of picking a currently popular or news-making game that would benefit from an already swirling cloud of interest that leaves only one real decision: Modern Warfare or Skyrim? What about being controversial? Pick a game like Grand Theft Auto and say how grateful I am for being able to kill cops in game so I resist the urge in real life. Even better, go for the obscure indie title and win over its cult following while scoring some hipster credibility.

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