Resident Evil Magnum Blaster with Knife for Wii

The Resident Evil Magnum Blaster with Knife provides realistic comfort during gameplay. It features full access to all remote direction pads, nunchuk buttons, joysticks and triggers, built-in cord management, trigger pull activated B button and is universally compatible with all shooting games. It includes blaster, knife, two Resident Evil comfort deco-skins for the Wii Remote and a Resident Evil silicon thumbgrip for the nunchuk controller.

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zielocz3k2406d ago

i want that with HD version of RE Darkside Chronicles and Umbrella Chronicles for PS Move! looks freakin' cool!


I can understand people wanting a pistol attachment, afterall it's more natural to aim and shoot like that (more than holding the controller like a remote bending your wrist at least) and this revolver grip kinda of looks cool (not so sure about the big white plastic box, don't think a light bulb will look any better)... But a plastic oversized fake knife? To each its own, personally the less odd stuff around my controller the better I feel about it. No knifes, no ping pong raquets, no bow, nothing unless it makes the controller more practical for the game... So I would rather have proper Sharpshooter support.