New Rising Media/ Call Of Duty Is Not Respecting Its Duty

NRM writes "I put it to you, that since the later stages of Modern Warfare onwards, Call of Duty has defecated all over the games industry, and encouraged one its biggest threats, perhaps ever.

Why? People invest more disposable income than ever into it. They’ll buy the game at £39.99+, they’ll then invest..." [ctd.]

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Trainz2411d ago

Call me butthurt but I hope Kotick dies in a fire.

Fylus2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

I hope Kotick has a heart attack while simultaneously dying from cancer. Dark, I know, but he is an evil man. Gluttony, greed, et cetera. Read the Bible, for he has commit far too many abominations to go uncounted for.

badz1492410d ago

what? I think it does! never seen it missed the holiday season every freaking year!