Trine 2 - Hands on (Hooked Gamers)

HookedGamers writes: "The original Trine, developed by the Finnish FrozenByte, was published by Nobilis in 2009. Combining an enchanting fantasy world, peculiar and fun trio of heroes and light brain teasers in the form of puzzles, it managed to cater to both casual and ‘serious’ gamers and thus quickly gathered a horde of fans. Now, Trine 2 attempts to repeat, if not even top, the earlier success. We at Hooked Gamers had a chance to try our hand at the Trine 2 beta to see what there is to look forward to."

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Bleucrunch2350d ago

Loved the first one cant wait for the second one....really good digital game worth all the money.

YoungKingDoran2350d ago

first one was fun on the bun