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banjadude2379d ago

I'm currently playing the PC version (with keyboard and mouse). It is going to take some time getting used to the controls... it definitely feels like the game is meant for a controller.

I'm having this weird glitch, where if I try to adjust any of the settings using the arrows at the end of each sliders, the game will have a spasm, and the settings will constantly change, and won't stop!

SP3333D-O2379d ago

I'm playing the PC version (which looks brilliant!) and am enjoying it using a 360 controller and the big screen.

inveni02379d ago

I'm also using the 360 controller on PC. It seems to work fine, though I had to adjust the sensitivity way down because it was too spastic at the default.

A-Glorious-Dawn2379d ago

Im on PC and have the sensitivity MAX for controller.

jy_mrnd2379d ago

I also have the Pc version runs great on GTX 580!

MajorJackHoff2378d ago

Good news!

I just hope it's not so slow when in towns. FPS drops are irritating, especially when I have great FPS in areas with far more detail.

tee_bag2422378d ago

Same as me. Its glorious

RedDevils2378d ago

I'm using the PS3 controller for PC lol work like a charm motionjoy is awesome

SephirothX212378d ago

Also using 360 controller on PC and loving it. It's like taking the best of the console version and the best from the pc version and putting them together into the ultimate superior version.

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SnakeCQC2379d ago

controls work amazing with 360 pad my only gripe with it is you can only use one or the other id like to use 360 pad for gameplay but id like the mouse for the massive map

A-Glorious-Dawn2379d ago

yeah the map is definitely navigated easiest with a mouse..

The UI is a whole other story.

SnakeCQC2379d ago

the ui works well enough for me i heard about various mods being made for people who didnt like it try googling and you should find some info

JsonHenry2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

I don't understand why everyone is having such a hard time with the kb+m controls.. It is exactly the same as Oblivion with a few minor changes. (changes that can be re-bound the way you want in the control scheme..)

I've had zero lag and just a handful of CTDs.

kevnb2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

I found the controls just fine with keyboard and mouse, but Ive been a pc gamer for over 2 decades. The ui is different but it works, once you start scrolling with the mouse wheel and binding spells to number keys there is no turning back.

kramun2378d ago

Yeah it was a godsend when I realised you could bind magic and items to the number keys. It was a pain in the arse having to go into the favourites list to change things all the time, I thought they'd done away with keyboard shortcuts which annoyed me at the time.

After I found out you could Bethesda were back in my good books lol.

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MasterCornholio2379d ago

I hope they fix the lag issues on the PS3 with the save file that never stops growing.

Christopher2379d ago

Save file growing is a standard with Bethesda games and will only continue to grow in these type of games. It's constantly keeping track of all of the little details that are added as you play.

Not sure what you're talking about with the lag.

bozebo2379d ago

There is "lag" on all versions except higher end PCs.

The frame rate seems to suffer massively if there is a mere 1 particle on screen lol.

Christopher2378d ago

Well, by definition, there is 'lag' in all games. But, when we say 'lag' we mean something truly noticeable, something that affects the gmae. So far, I haven't had any truly noticeable or game affecting issues with lag at all.

cogniveritas2378d ago

My laptop with an HD5650 runs it excellently on High. No framerate issues when tons of things are occuring at once. I was surprised but seriously applaud the developers for making a game that is beyond great looking for an open world design and is well enough optimized to run on modest setups without falling back to low settings.

bozebo2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

"My laptop with an HD5650"

Yeah, I have a laptop with a 5650 too (havn't tried skyrim on it yet). Love that GPU, it's such a good choice for mid-range gaming laptops!

Especially at the res of the screen on lappys that tend to include it, 1366x768 or thereabouts. The performance/pixel ratio is great.

Hell, my laptop ran BF3 better than my desktop does. But it suffers with other demanding games like TW2 and BC2. I think the implications of DX11 are where the real boost in performance has been achieved. Not actually sure if Skyrim does use DX11 though, but I recall Beth mentioning it would some time ago. Though developers have a habbit of cancelling their plans for PC centric features halfway through development...

Can't wait to get skyrim on it to see how it fares, my desktop's 280GTX is so damn loud lol. Laptop is currently in the possession of my flatmate who's rig recently went kaput :(

Hell, I'm deffo going to play through skyrim another 4-5 times. It will be good to get some gaming in on Skyrim over christmas when I am away from my desktop and don't have uni work stealing most of my time :(

PirateThom2379d ago

It's definitely less buggy that Oblivion, Fallout 3 and New Vegas thus far for me.

undercovrr2379d ago

Yup, especially than New Vegas. New Vegas bordered on unplayable at times

Silver_Faux2378d ago

Sadly, New Vegas was completely unplayable for me. I'd pick up the game of the year addition but Skyrim is sooo good, i don't think i could go back to bethesda's old

tim4402379d ago

Hopefully they will get it out soon though

ProjectVulcan2379d ago

Playing on PC, no real gamebreakers yet. Funny physics maybe, but again nothing too wacky.

The worst bugs i had with fallout were the DLC, it was totally borked when it launched especially broken steel. How apt that was. The game always crashed when you neared the tunnel.

I used noclip to dodge past the crashy bits and played it because Bethesda took a week or so to fix it. Luckily i have not had to do anything like that yet in Skyrim!

Bolts2379d ago

I've been playing this game on the PC since release date and it is without a doubt the smoothest and and most bug free PC launch of the year. A rare event for a Bethesda game.

PirateThom2379d ago

I'm playing it on PS3, so imagine my surprise that it's not dying and glitching all over the place.

While it may not be, technically, the best version, Bethesda seem to have, at least, ensure the experience is the same on all platforms.

HardCover2378d ago

"smoothest and most bug free PC launch of the year."

That's something you should say about the general public's experience, not just your own. Look up some forums, people are having a ton of CTD and freezing problems. I've experienced at least two dozen crashes to desktop, and I know how to troubleshoot. Not to mention all of the quest bugs people are having, like Alvor not accepting leather, Maven not following up on a quest, crashes when exiting certain dungeons, guards that bug out after you already complete a certain quest, etc.

Silly Mammo2379d ago

Only come across 2 bugs. The dragon in the opening scene kept circling the tower and never landed; and some voice crackling later on. Both were solved by restarting the game.

bozebo2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Huh? I dunno, I think it's like 10 times buggier than Oblivion was. Something bugs out in nearly every environment. Usually though, it's something silly like characters getting stuck or the physics spazzing out. Also the UI on PC is permenantly bugged (obviously not tested AT ALL because the bugs are immediately noticable and heavily irritating), but once you know what the bugs are you can stop them happening. For example, if you try to wait... press "e" like it asks and the game will freeze until you press TAB. You have to click on the little button that says "e" in it... I think changing bindings breaks things, who isn't going to change bindings? I made mine what they were in Oblivion and Morrowind (which should have been the default anyway).

I have had a few quests broken and had to quickload because of AI getting stuck.

Also, the first dragon I killed still has physics on the sekeleton and it is permenantly breakdancing near whiterun. It's so funny :P

Oblivion had a few game breaking bugs, I am not sure if Skyrim has any yet caus I havn't been playing it linearly enough to find out ^_^

Less buggy than Fallout 3/NV, every game is :P

Also there seems to be a memory leak, but it doesn't always happen. Sometimes I play for 10 hours with no issues then I might be 2 hours into playing and it starts to slow down, check task manager and its using 2GB of RAM and promptly crashes. After I made it large memory space aware it only rises to about 2.2GB and doesn't crash, so its a funny memory leak that they will be grinding their teeth trying to diagnose >_<

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shikamaroooo2379d ago

I'm 10 hours in playing on the PS3 and only had two freezes not a big deal to me

Christopher2379d ago

Zero freezes, over 30 hours played so far. This is, based on my experience, Bethesda's best game this gen both from a technical and gameplay standpoint.

PandaJenkins2378d ago

over 40 hours, one freeze and not that many bugs. Pretty damn astounding for a game of this size and complexity.