Skyrim vs Oblivion - A Comparison Of The Dungeons

Check out this comparison between the dungeons of Skyrim and Oblivion.

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ElDorado2466d ago

Skyrim >> Oblivion. I'm not shitting on Oblivion, but Skyrim is a lot better and it's one of the best games I have ever experienced.

The Meerkat2466d ago

LOL, i agree.

I got such a scare from a rat thing while turning a corner that I almost dropped my controller and my heart started racing.

Raf1k12466d ago

The experience for me has been pretty much the same as it was for oblivion. It plays almost exactly the same, similar quests and similar quality of voice acting.

I'm not saying that's bad since it's still one of the best games of the year IMO but there just doesn't seem to have been much of an improvement on the formula as a whole.

Captain Qwark 92466d ago

i disagree, i love the perk system and streamlined leveling. the dual weilding adds so much more to the combat. te stories are better. theres werewolves and dragons. and each dungeon is signifancaqntly better, a few have puzzles, traps etc, there is so much more variety tpp, i havent seen one that looks the same yet. and way more armor choices.

also the game has waaaaaaaaay more enemy variety!!!!

agree on the voice acting though, minus patrick :/

Raf1k12465d ago

I think I've only played for about 4 hours so far. What you say seems to be true and it does feel like a better game overall but TBH it doesn't feel like a huge step up to me. Maybe more playtime will change my mind. In fact I'm hoping it does because I've enjoyed what I've experience so far.

CaptCalvin2466d ago

Uhhh... those aren't dungeons. They're caves.

Intentions2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

When did dungeons have trees? :D

Karooo2466d ago

wow really? Where there is water there will be plant growth.

chak_2466d ago

not without light :p

Or some form of plant, but definitively not tree

gameseveryday2466d ago

This is a dungeon, check the attached screen for some explanation:

LightofDarkness2466d ago

Whoops, it's GamingBolt, everyone avoid.

SH0CKW4VE2466d ago

Oblivion had one guy working on the dungeons, Skyrim had an entire team...

but on that note the game is brilliant, ecplises all others this year, sorry but it does everything they do better and in an unscripted environment.

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