Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: The Kotaku Review

Infinity Ward's latest iteration on the series is more akin to a sport than it is a video game. That's not a new direction for the series. It's more a solidification of the sameness of the franchise that makes some love and others hate Call of Duty.

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ha2e482378d ago

*slow clap* bravo, finaly some one puts it into words.

Laxman2378d ago

Actually, A lot of people are putting "it" into words. All reviews ive seen for the game say the same thing; its the same old s**t, but is still a well polished game and highly entertaining if you just want to switch off for a few hours.

ha2e482377d ago

nah boss, this guy justified it for all the haters who dont get it. it being its just fun no matter what flaws it has or how simalar yet fine tuned it is.

ssb31732370d ago

This is a decent game, not the best in the series but good for killing off time