IGN: Ten Incredible Gifts Xbox Gave Modern Gaming

The original Xbox innovated in many ways and borrowed in others. It didn't succeed as Microsoft had hoped, but did it completely fail.

Despite its flaws, and the mistakes made by this large company attempting to claw its way into the games space, the original Xbox made a huge difference to gaming.

By the end of its life in late 2005, it had set the stage for the gaming world we know today. Xbox changed gamers' expectations, technology's standards, and the future of other hardware companies' console ideals. Here are ten ways the original Xbox changed the world.

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majiebeast2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Lol half of em werent even introduced by M$. Thank you for dlc. Nickel and diming should have been on that list. 10 years of screwing over the gamer.

AliTheBrit4202438d ago

Right so Microsoft invented the concept, first implemented and take full credit for "downloadable content" as we know it today in all Video Games

Oh whats that, no? ah ok then.

Achievements are a big one, fantastic idea, amazing really it wasn't around before, and you can't deny thats one Sony directly pinched

Also Online gaming on consoles wasn't a thing until Xbox Live

Sure, you could plug in some adapter to your PS2 and wire it to a router, but it had no actual interface or hub, and all of a dozen games had online access.

Lol I know its not really related, but anyone else remember the whole sixaxis bullshit?

Sony: we are bringing out this innovative new type of controller
Sony: we aren't (didn't want to invest the money to) put rumble in it
Consumers: umm... what why?
Devs: Yeah.. look we'll try do something with it towards the end.. maybe.. if you're Publishing our game
Consumers: No seriously, where the f*ck is rumble?
- Couple years pass -
Sony: Good news! get your wallets ready!

Lol and now Sixaxis is just this kind of embarrassment they'd rather forget they tried to force onto consumers

Just like removing backwards compatibility to force more PS3 game sales, right? good job I still have my launch day 60gb

Rynx2438d ago

I read your comment. I was getting ready to mark you down for trolling but then I read this

"I still have my launch day 60gb"

That's when I realized that you had quite a constructive criticism for SONY and what they did and your not trolling one bit simply because you made me aware that you own one. /s

Fylus2438d ago

Killzone 2-3 did a great job at implementing sixaxis. It was used as more of a convenience rather than a perk. If other games did it the way Guerilla does, sixaxis would be renowned much more positively.

Tanir2438d ago

um wtf? because phantasy star didn't exist before xbox came out right? people did play online on consoles, just when xbox came we just started getting broadband widely avalailable, xbox started the milking of shooters and well, shootings games are best played online.

fighting games still this gen have trouble, aswell as racing, though sports games do fine.

my point is that it woulda happened this gen anyway whether ms introduced it last gen or not. would it be as good as it is now? def not.

and achievments start the game up....ACHIEVMENT......its fail honestly.

giving the low self esteemed players more esteem because they got rewarded

-Alpha2438d ago

Well, this got trolled pretty fast.

Micro_Sony2438d ago

This is what I do not understand with the mods on N4G.

If I go to a Sony article and say something like what Majiebeast said about the PS3 I get marked for trolling or a 7 day ban in less than 15 min but they let crap like this stand.


Corepred42438d ago

I thought gifts were supposed to be free? Alot of these you get after being charged, which sucks. Games is what I'll thank Microsoft for, some great ones. Everything else on that list.. not so much. Parental control? I've had that since my NES. It's called parents who actually parent.

-Alpha2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Most were on PC but MS did a great job bringing them to consoles.

MS had some pretty forward features last gen and they tried pretty valiantly to push some great features.

I remember hearing about the HDD and streaming music from a friend back in the day and wondering how to do that with my PS2. The idea was foreign to me, yet today it's something standard.

It's ironic how much they traded spots with Sony this gen when it came to making the console

gamingdroid2438d ago

They pretty much brought online gaming to consoles, and built a community. That's huge!

yesmynameissumo2438d ago

I thought Sega and the Dreamcast brought online gaming to consoles. Oh well.

gamingdroid2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

That is why I said "pretty much", because Sega brought it first, but by extension it already existed on PC. However, Sega didn't manage to popularize it. In fact, they were completely irrelevant to online consoles. Xbox made it popular and shaped the industry in that area.

Anyone can bring something first and fail, but making it successful is the difficult part.

adorie2438d ago

PS 2 had Hard drive storage and online capabilities shown in the early 2000's well before Xbox was on the assembly line.

The Xbox did it right though, but didn't introduce it, lol. nor is it a gift. it's just there, it was there waiting for someone to do it right and that is what Microsoft did.

The Hi-Def argument is poo. PC was doing Hi-Def for gaming again, before Xbox came out.

Downloaded content, from what I can tell is just a scam. But love it or hate it once in awhile there is a piece of "DLC" that you just can't ignore. I don't know if MS pioneered this, but I'd go out on a limb and guess that Steam or PC introduced DLC. Modern Gaming has been around quite awhile, before PS3 or Xbox 360 or even the Xbox. The Xbox took what PC had and simplified it. That's all I can see.

Their, Microsoft's ability to draw in a community is what I'd more or less call their number 1 gift to "modern gaming"

gamingdroid2438d ago

Sony didn't even have a proper PSN at PS3 launch. That tells you how far behind Sony was in that area.

***The Xbox took what PC had and simplified it. That's all I can see.***

Console in itself is almost a simplified (and stripped down) PC. So yes, the Xbox is just that.

***The Xbox did it right though, but didn't introduce it, lol.***

I think the main thing here is that MS made it mainstream. Ideas are useless unless you can make something people care about.

For instance, did you know CD-ROM existed on 3DO before it ever arrived on Playstation? Yet it was PS that made it attractive to consumers i.e. useful.

So who does it first is unimportant (and will be remembered for failing), while the success should be celebrated. xD

adorie2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

I had Turbo Duo, which came before the 3DO and PlayStation. =) Cosmic Fantasy and Buster Bros were two of my favourites, along with plenty of others.

oh, and you can't forget Fatal Fury. ;p

Bigpappy2438d ago

PS2 had the HDD as an option, then buddled it with FF. Not many people had HDD on the PS3 as it was seen as an added expense. M$ also was broad band only, and only allowed one unique password per used. All of this is now standard on PS3.

darthkai2438d ago

*Before reading the top ten list*
I count Halo and Xbox Live. That's two...

*After reading the first five*
Alright, I'll give them Hard Drive, Downloads and Firmware updates...

*Laughs hysterically at page two*
Made Microsoft a player? Really IGN? Isn't that a bit, idk, trivially obvious?
It's like saying: "And the gift the N64 gave to gaming is... it kept Nintendo from going under..."

InTheLab2438d ago

I glanced at most of it but wasn't there something about local mp? I'm sure I was gunning down my buddies on Facility in 007 Goldeneye long before Halo or the Xbox.

I'll give credit when it's due but some of those were inaccurate or down right false. The title should have been "5 gifts Xbox gave modern gaming and 5 we totally made up".

darthkai2438d ago

I agree, they should have kept it to the original five.

ZippyZapper2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

They are talking about "LAN" which was done on PC first but Xbox was the first console. Give credit where its due.

gamingdroid2438d ago

In some ways it is a *gift*, in the sense that it stimulated competition. Considering the major costs, associated with starting a console business, it is in deed a blessing.

I don't think we will ever get another console manufacturer of this magnitude.

darthkai2438d ago

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy Microsoft entered the race and tossed up the competition. It made things interesting, gave up plenty of cool games, and keeps Sony from having a monopoly on HD consoles.
But what IGN is saying is "The best thing about Microsoft's entry into the console race is the fact that they entered the console race."
Like InTheLab said, they should have kept the list to 5.

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