The making of the Xbox: Microsoft’s journey to the next generation (part 2)

Dean Takahashi of VentureBeat chronicles the life of the Xbox, with part 2 focused on Xbox 360 to Kinect

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gamingdroid2435d ago

It's definitely interesting to see how the Xbox 360 shaped online gaming on consoles to become the leader.

Dean's book is a very entertaining read if anyone is interested in some "recent" console history.

Dlacy13g2435d ago

Man, this is a fantastic read. Talk about a crazy ride, you can feel the tension that must have been going on at MS during those first years just leap of the writing. And talk about a crazy tight rope...say what you will but IBM has the biggest set between their legs for the stunt they pulled with Sony and MS.

Anyone interested in gaming history..this is a must read.

TheEatingVodka2435d ago

It's funny how it's Microsoft's second attempt at video game consoles and they already nailed it

Khordchange2435d ago

nintendo nailed it in their first try ;)

and they didn't really nail it, they lost a lot of money in it's first 4 years because of rrod and selling at a loss.

gamingdroid2435d ago

Nintendo kind of accidentally stumbled upon the business though, when there was far less competition.

Xbox was the laughing stock at the time, and now it's brand name alone is worth $4 billion. The Xbox business today is likely worth as much as Nintendo.

To think MS almost bought Nintendo for $25 billion, instead they forged their own path for far less.

***they lost a lot of money in it's first 4 years because of rrod and selling at a loss.***

If you open a restaurant, do you consider the initial funding to open it a "loss" or an investment?

That is what most people don't get... difference between loss and investment.

drsnobby2435d ago

I remember 10 yrs ago picking up the oiginal xbox wondering what magic was inside it.MS took a gamble in the gaming industry and it's paying off for them.the original xbox took console gaming in a new direction that is still being felt today.they knew the future of gaming was online.i was also gaming on the ps2 but there was somthing different about the xbox.i don't regret buying an xbox and gaming all i see the vision of the xbox brand and looking forward to the next xbox.

Venjense2435d ago

"At that time, the defect rate was 68 percent, meaning that for every 100 machines made, 68 didn’t work."

"the higher-ranking engineers, managers and executives chose to risk going forward"


gamingdroid2435d ago

Those where yields at the factory, not the product sold to you.

The same thing they do with processors. One of the reason why Sony disables one of their SPE in Cell for better production yields as well.

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