IGN - The PS2 Classics Buyer's Guide for PSN

IGN - Since the inception of the PlayStation Network, PSone Classics have allowed gamers to relive some of the highs (and lows) of the PSX era. But with backwards compatibility effectively removed from PlayStation 3 consoles released over the last several years, PlayStation fans began clamoring for a PS2 Classics. And on October 4, 2011, they got their wish.

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is there a slow-mo button...?

ZombieAssassin2466d ago

Eh too soon for this article, not enough Ps2 classics to need a Buyer's guide.

blumatt2466d ago

I'm so glad they finally released PS2 classics. I hope they release all the big name franchises like GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas, MGS games, Gran Turismo games, etc. etc.

Neckbear2466d ago

I think Sony actually said this was aimed towards smaller titles. Not that bigger ones don't usually get HD collections and the likes or anything.

TheShow172466d ago

Unfortunately, they haven't yet. Are any of these big name PS2 classics? I don't recognize any of them. Where is Socom II? That game would sell a million copies, so I'm thinking there is some disagreement with the publishers here.

Ray1862466d ago

I think that the problem is with the online portion. I think that only Mortal Kombat features this.

Redempteur2466d ago

this isn't meant for heavy horses like socom 2 .. why sell socom 2 when they could have you buying socom 4 ?

and besides this style of emulation if for games that doesn't ask for lost of ressources , so don't expect big and huge titles like GTA

Elwenil2466d ago

"why sell socom 2 when they could have you buying socom 4 ?"

Probably because no one wants SOCOM 4 and all the old SOCOM fans really want SOCOM II. I bet a re-release of SOCOM II would actually outsell SOCOM 4.

WillGuitarGuy2466d ago

Maximo was badass back in the day. I loved playing that game as a kid. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in buying a PS2 classic.

CrescentFang2466d ago

That God hand review... too bad the reviewer never gave the game a chance :(

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