Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review [Game Revolution]

As a standalone game, it's worth every penny and will undoubtedly keep players occupied until the next installment, but as a sequel, it’s disappointing.

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ftwrthtx2316d ago

Nice review.

This edition of CoD will definitely be active until the next MW edition comes out.

decimalator2316d ago

I beg to differ on the prestige shop. Being able to keep my favorite weapon across all prestiges is awesome. I'd have liked longer than 2 hours of double XP for a prestige token though.

I don't get all the MW3 hate. It plays way better than Black Ops ever did.

D3stinySm4sher2315d ago

The hate on MW3 is that it's MW2 all over again - from what I have heard from multiple people.

What I don't like is seeing a single, uninspired franchise completely overtake and overshadow the industry, leading people to literally believe that a military shooter is the only game worth their time. That depresses me.

stormeagle62315d ago

Excellent and fair review.

Glad to know that Koolaye didn't drink the Kool-aid. (Bah-dum-tsh!)

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