Uncharted 3 DLC Hits PSN Today, Fortune Hunters’ Club Benefits

Playstation Blog - We’re now two weeks into the release of UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception and you’re all part of the Fortune Hunters’ Club now, right? If so, awesome because we have a gift this week for you! If you’re not, you can still sign up and it’s a terrific deal at $24.99. As a member you’ll be getting a total savings of 45% off the seven multiplayer packs (three character skin packs, four map packs) that will be released for UNCHARTED 3. This membership includes all currently available and upcoming DLC packs for UNCHARTED 3 as well as an exclusive Fortune Hunters’ Club theme that will let you know when new UNCHARTED 3 DLC hits right from the XMB of your PS3.

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WhiteLightning2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago ) that the fort in the second picture. It looks completely differen't plus it's raining now.
I want to say "The Cave" is a melted version of the Ice Cave but I can't see anything from that map in the picture.

Thatguy-3102349d ago

Only the catcher trooper for me

MsclMexican2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Im kind of let down by this DLC, I registered for the FH expecting DLC like how Uncharted 2 did. New skins, characters etc.

But Uncharted 3 dlc feels meh....

I want the heroes and villians DLC, but use new character models like Infamous 2 cole and Joseph Capelli...

But I mean does this count as one of the 3 skin packs because I'll be kind of disappointed

Also it's cool that the old maps are coming back, but are these really the mp maps? I mean did I shell out cash just to get the same maps from Uncharted 2? Did I pay just to retain my progress from Uncharted 2?There are 4 map packs they said, each contains 2 maps.

Uncharted 2 launched with 8 maps and that worries me because these map packs may just be the uncharted 2 maps again... They look cool and all, but a simple remake seems kind of meh. Maybe they will add some dynamic events? I hope, as the Uncharted 2 maps they have in Uncharted 3 don't feature any dynamic events at all.

Also, why not make new maps? It would be cool if they did something with the cruise ship, or even underneath the well in Yemen, something new..

Im not hating on ND, they made a fantastic game this year and it is my personal GOTY(yeah I played Skyrim and Batman and Portal) but the current rate this DLC is coming out at has me worried..

They also said they would have something that would make fans go ballistic... im still wondering what that is

jwk942349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Yeah, we're getting every uncharted 2 map, all of them are already on the disc.

fourtwenty20092349d ago

Does anyone actually buy these? I would never. The full game experience is more than enough for me.

"Terrific deal at $24.99?" on top of the $60 you paid for the game???

Who gets the terrific deal? The publisher?

nycredude2349d ago

Bro $24.99 for four map packs and three skins packs isn't a terrific deal? One freaking cod map pack is $15!!!

Fez2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Uncharted 3 multiplayer is amazing, but I will not be buying these. There's enough maps as it is. Only two weeks after release too?

Does anyone know if this will split up the community? In that you can only play against people with the same maps?

Ares84HU2349d ago

Problem with ND is that they didn't play Uncharteds strength which is the Single Player campaign. The SP in Uncharted 3 is the shortest SP out of the 3 and it's clear that it is that short because they focused too much on the MP mode. MP mode will never be played by me. I just played it once to get the trophy and co-op too. These DLC will never be purchased by me because it's for MP only. Uncharted isn't an MP game. It's an Action/advneture game. ND should have known better. Now after I got my platinum in 5 days of playing on-off there is nothing for me in Uncharted 3 anymore. Too bad, I waited 2 years for this. I feel cheated.

I think ND lost their touch when they decided to focus on the MP. Next uncharted will not be brought on day one. First I will need to find out how long the SP is and it needs to be 10hours+ to make up for this.

Uncharted should have stayed a SP game. MP is terrible.

rob60212349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

I just want to ask if the MP is terrible, how come and what is better in your opinion? I just want to know, because I think the multiplayer is excellent.

I think DLC should be to extend multiplayer experiences it makes little sense to extend singleplayer games when it's only taking away from work that would be done on their next game.
I don't think they'd like to have a 'B' team doing uncharted storyline.

Ares84HU2349d ago

Battlefield 3 wipes the floor with Uncharted 3 in the multilayer department. Even COD is better in MP.

Isn't that enough of MP games??? BF3 for me is the only MP game I play and need.

They screwed over the actual Uncharted fans a bit with the campaign of Uncharted 3 because they wanted to focus on the MP.

Well, because of that, if there will be another Uncharted I won't buy it day 1 like I did with the previous 3 but I will wait to find out how long the SP is and if it's worth it than I will buy it full price. If not, than I will wait for a price drop.

Not every game needs MP. Uncharted defiantly does not need it.

ziggurcat2349d ago

if they had focused on the MP, then there would have been way more than 2 MP trophies, both of which simply require you to finish a match.

Silly gameAr2349d ago

You should probably be a little more specific. Why do you think MP is terrible? I love the MP. Also, what exactly don't you like about the SP? A lot of people say that without going into specifics, unless it's the usual nit picking.

Ares84HU2349d ago

Ok than, you wanted it, now you have to read it.

Ok, let's be more specific.

As for the MP in Uncharted; the first time I tried MP in Uncharted 2 I hated it. I couldn't put my finger on why, but I found it to be boring. The levels are really nice and everything it's just that the gameplay is boring. That is a personal opinion I know and many others feel differently about the MP of Uncharted but let's be honest. The MP in Uncharted was tacked on to satisfy all the 12-14 year old's who want this to be the next CoD. People wanted MP in Uncharted so they can keep playing the game longer. For me MP isn't needed for a game to be great. Uncharted is one of those games that really didn't need MP. I was afraid that MP will affect the SP in Uncharted 2. To my surprise it didn't so I didn't give it a thought. But in Uncharted 3 it affected it very much and that pissed me off. Maybe this is one of the reasons I hate it. But I did play it to see how it is. I even tested the beta and played a few matches. I just don't see the fun in it. I can't find anything that I say, well that's fun to do in U3 MP. Also, there are better MP games as I said before. You know there are games you buy for it's MP and there are games you buy for it's SP. Uncharted started out to be an Action/Adventure SP game and that is what I loved about it. Now they are trying to turn it into what doesn't suite the game well. An MP fest. I'm an old school gamer. I value single player games a lot more than I value MP games. When I get home after a 12hour day I don't want to listen to 12-14 year old boys screaming like little girls saying how I got "owned" and crap like that. Well, again I can't really put my finger on a single thing in Uncharted MP that I don't like. I just don't like it and feel that it has taken away from the campaign mode and it's boring.

As for the campaign; it was mind-blowing from start to finish but it was way too short. Also, I found that there are too few puzzles and even those were extremely easy to solve. I could finish Uncharted 3 in one sitting without a problem and that is a major issue for me. I love SP games as I said because they are much more relaxing and interesting for me and to get a 4-5 hour campaign mode after 2 years of impatient waiting feels like a let down. Regardless of those 4-5 hours being mind-blowing this is the shortest Uncharted campaign out of the 3.

That's my opinion, because of this I won't buy the next one on day one, rather I wait to find out how long the game is and buy it than. In my eyes, ND has lost it a little bit but they are still the most respected devs. by me. Just a little let down.

Thatguy-3102349d ago

I agree the single player turn out to be bad for me...LOVE the multiplayer though. So I guess they made up for it

cogniveritas2349d ago

It's clear their Multiplayer efforts distracted them in some way. I don't understand how they forgot the movie replay section, and the unlockable skins, weapons, and gameplay perks for the Single Player campaign. That was fundamental to the package of the last two Uncharted games. The treasures actually earned you something.

But I guess it's more profitable to sell muliplayer skins rather than make them available to be unlocked through gameplay for single player.

MsclMexican2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

I think I get why you don't like mp. The truth is the mp is an acquired taste. It's not one of those games you can pick up and play.

A good example is Assassin's creed mp. It is an acquired taste, people who enjoyed it stayed, and people who did not complained as to why Assassins Creed even needed multiplayer, and think they spent to much time on mp.

Also I think I know why you are disappointed in the Single player as well. As we have played the previous Uncharted's we know what to expect. I played Uncharted 1, I liked the original but when I played 2 I loved it. The jump was so huge, we never saw anything like it and that maybe why some feel it is the best in the franchise. There is a jump between 3 and 2, but ND admitted they can not push the ps3 any further. So even though there is a jump, its not as drastic as the jump between 1 and 2.

Personaly I felt uncharted 3 is the best game in the franchise, I loved the bromance between Nate and Sully, and the question the game raised about why Nate is doing this. It also felt more emotional, as Nate and Elena's relationship is present but subtle, as the main draw is Nate and Sully's relationship and the characters really evolve from what we saw in 2.

I think you feel cheated because you felt the game was short, truth is it once again depends on the player. People who were hardcore Uncharted 2 fans felt U3 was short because they spent so much time with U2. You beat it in 8 hours, I beat it in 10, where as friends I have new to the franhise beat it in 15-20 hrs. And they loved the overall experience. Hell someone beat Skyrim in an hour and 30 min...and someone else beat Dark Souls in 2 as they had so much experience with the game franchise

Finally, I don't think there will be an Uncharted 4 on ps3, as the Uncharted games are all about pushing and raising the bar. ND is obsessive of one uping themselves with the Uncharted franchise, and I think they don't feel like they can do it, unless they get some new hardware. Who knows they might go back to J&D. But if they make a 4, it will probably be the last Uncharted.

I compare Uncharted to MGS. Both games are very cinematic, and tell intricate stories. Only difference is that if you have not played the previous mgs games, you will be lost. Kojima waited for new hardware before he finished his franchise. I predict nd will as well

We won't be seing an Uncharted 4 until we get a ps4, or if ND has some more black magic left and raises the bar even further on the ps3.

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rob60212349d ago

I would like to see more maps included with the game however I know work is not free. Uncharted 3 doesn't have a massive multiplayer following yet, so it's hard for Sony to justify having them making a ton of maps and giving them out for free. I really don't see why they didn't just bundle all the original maps from uncharted 2 - I don't think any of them need to be 'touched up.' There's no reason for them to follow the Call of Duty model when they have the disk space to include everything. If the maps aren't considered great maps to represent multiplayer, keep them hidden on the disk - give them away for free over time. Spend resources making new maps not redoing old ones.

Fez2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

They can't pass up on the chance of making millions of dollars for very little work (releasing old maps). They even charge for the skins for previous games.

I wish more devs were like Valve, or Rockstar, they do DLC a little better.

Thatguy-3102349d ago

How many new maps did uncharted 3 have? Want more dynamic ones

rob60212349d ago

If you watch the making of videos it says something about how it took them 3 weeks to make the plane intro part, It's just too costly time wise for them to do dynamic levels I assume they originally planned to do every level that way, but cut back after they did the plane, they did the train just because a lot of people requested that. Killzone 3 had a similar problem with the operations mode that a lot of people liked.

redDevil872349d ago

Helghast suit looks awesome. Meleeing someone in that would look funny as hell.

guitarded772349d ago

I'm gonna use the five-dollar foot long taunt while wearing it.

Sizzon2349d ago

Nice, I'll get the map packs, but not the skins.

But where is the patch note ND? :/

Silly gameAr2349d ago

The Capture Trooper looks sick. I wouldn't mind seeing some Chimera skins or even vampire Cole from Festival of Blood.

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