PlayStation Vita EU Pre-Order Goodies

As you must know by now, PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) will be hitting shelves across the PAL region from 22 February 2012. For a limited period starting from 30th November, you’ll be able to pre-order PS Vita at selected retailers.

Not only will pre-ordering guarantee a PS Vita on the day of launch, but you also get to take home an exclusive PS Vita Gift Pack* including limited edition merchandise, exclusive content and game discounts for PlayStation Store.

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fluffydelusions2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

I hope Sony provides enough stock and doesn't sell out everywhere. I'm going to buy one but I just want to see what bundles are available as it gets closer to launch. Also still not sure if I want to go with the wifi or 3g model.

Misterhbk2437d ago

There will probably be sellouts for the first couple months. I'm not expecting the stock to be huge, at least for the first launch in Japan. With online retailers selling out do early over there, it's hard to imagine them having enough at launch.

Anyways, first edition bundle for me! Feb 15th can't come soon enough!

Rynx2437d ago

I'm going to do Wifi only model. 3G model seems pointless, since you can't even play online games on those, plus you have a data plan to also worry about. A data plan which we know nothing off yet.

Agheil2437d ago

FIRST EDITION! U ALREADY KNOW ! wouldn't mind if the headphones were included

KillerPwned2437d ago

Man I wish the US would get something like this just for pre-ordering. I have a Wifi only model on pre-order later on I will buy a memory card and Uncharted. Amazon hopefully will have some deals.

jdfoster2437d ago

Something will probably be announced soon! Don't forget there is a good 3months to go before pvvita! There will be plenty more announced closer to the Vita launch!

LightofDarkness2437d ago

Uh, memory card? Seeing as they're almost absolutely necessary, it might be nice if at least one of these bundles had one.

Kurisu2437d ago

I've pre-ordered already and payed a small deposit, do I miss out? Oh well, it's not like I'm missing out on much.

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