Review: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - GotGame

Earlier this year one of the most requested sequels was Marvel vs Capcom 3. When Capcom finally released ”God’s Fighting Game” it was marvelous and people cheered across the lands. Yet it was only natural people were disappointed over something. Try as they might to fix things, certain event’s changed their plan, causing them to release another version ala “God’s Fighting Game Part 2.” This version, called Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, includes several new fighters, plus many requested fixes. Not even a year later and Capcom releases a new game, but does this mean the game is that much different than 3? Lets find out!

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DistrictMime2140d ago

The graphics are so crisp and clean. Its like a waffle made on a sundae.

ssb31732131d ago

Its acctually quite good, would reccomend for people who like fighting games, but some bits are a bit dull