Skyrim Through the Eyes of an Elder Scrolls Noob

Joel Taveras writes, "I’ll probably get crucified for this by gamers everywhere but in my 27 years of gaming, I’ve always found it hard to connect with role playing games. It probably sounds crazy that the one genre that most gamers have been able to make huge emotional investments with, I found to be cold and sterile. Sure, back in 1997 I played and enjoyed Final Fantasy VII, but really, who didn’t? Final Fantasy was like the Call of Duty of the 90’s..."

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CrzyFooL2464d ago

Stop noob scum! You've violated the law! Pay your fine!

kramun2464d ago

I'm watching you......scum.

slayorofgods2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

"Final Fantasy was like the Call of Duty of the 90’s."

Now I miss the 90's. Maybe Skyrim will kick start a post CoD era?

@ the disagree, yeah I hate CoD. I think they are milking gamers. At least FF had some creativity, and so did the GTA era that followed. This CoD era is the worst I've seen, there I said it.

JoelT2464d ago

I wasn't a knock on Call of Duty, per se, but more about recognizing the power and hold it currently has on this industry. At one point Squaresoft, like Activision currently, was on top of the world.