Look at the Money Fly: How Some “Gamers” Spend Their Money

Ben G of writes:

"As a gamer, I find it enjoyable to get a system for the multitude of games that are on it. I purchased a PlayStation 3 for Sonic, LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted, and many other series I felt I’d enjoy. I got a Wii for Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy, and the many games I knew were going to come out for it. I had gotten a 360 so I may play on Xbox Live with Resident Evil 5, Borderlands, Halo: Reach, and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift. By purchasing these systems, I knew I’d want future games for them that were bound to be released (Skyward Sword for Wii, the Assassin’s Creed games on PS3/360, etc.). If there is one thing I’ve noticed about people who call themselves gamers, however, it’s the fact that they give themselves that title when they own a system for only one or two games. They didn’t get those one or two games in waiting for more games to come out; they only wanted those two games in the years that the system(s) had been available."

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Buff10442314d ago

This is silly. No one should judge a person for purchasing a console for just two games. What if he plays those two all year and beyond? If that happens, he definitely got his monies worth.

Majin-vegeta2314d ago

I clicked cuz of the pix xDDDDDD freaking madea.

WhiteLightning2313d ago aswell

Shame he hasn't made a movie just about Madea instead of adding all this drama crap into it.....even Madea goes to Jail had some "girl got raped" sub plot..........but the bits with madea in was hillarious

cpayne932313d ago

I wouldn't consider somebody who only plays madden and cod a gamer, but I definitely will not call somebody stupid if they buy a system for those two games only. If they want to play cod and madden, why shouldn't they buy the system? This man doesn't have to play the same games as the author if he doesn't want to, so I don't see why he considers him stupid. Pretty judgemental if you ask me.

Venjense2313d ago

My friends almost never watch TV because they think most shows are shit and play games A LOT (6-8 hrs a day, more on days off) but they only buy their favourite shooter and sports game each year...that's it.

For them it's Battlefield or COD and NHL but they put hundreds of hrs into each's MP and probably play more than me who buys a very large variety of games.

I'd definitely call them gamers, it not about what you buy, it's about how much you enjoy playing games.

cpayne932313d ago

Yeah its pretty hard to decide on what defines a gamer. Do you only have to play a lot of games, or do you have to have interest in a large variety of games and have a large knownledge of video games?

Venjense2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

I think gamers are just people that enjoy playing games during their free time not as a means to kill time (like iPhone games).

Whether it's one game or many, as long as they view gaming as a viable leisurely activity then they're a gamer IMO. Even if they only love Farmville or the Sims or COD, Halo, JRPG's, etc.

TheBlackMask2309d ago

I wouldn't call your friend a gamer, just a time killer since he has nothing else to do.

It's not just about playing games but knowledge aswell....and if he only buys those games then sorry...he aint no gamer.

It's basicaly sounds like "something" to kill time to be honest