GAME™ to Hold Game-Trading ‘Swingers’ Event

The Australian retailer GAME™ will be holding a "Game Swinging" event, which is being touted as a night where you get to trade your games and your partners.

The event involves a "Trade Master" who couples guys & girls to play video games, after which they either trade games or partners. Now here's where it gets really weird; in addition to trading, individuals are given the "option of escalating things to the 'High Scorers' Suite where they can 'play' privately".

Would you actually attend? Do you not care or are you offended?
Esperino wants to know!

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Kurisu2413d ago

Kid: "Mum, I'm off out!"

Mum: "Where are you going?"

Kid: "Swinging!"

Mum: O.O