Dear Rocksteady: Make a Superman game

Doesn't Superman deserve a good game for once? Now that Rocksteady has revolutionized Batman, maybe they should do the same for the Man of Steel.

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Karooo2194d ago

Rocksteady is owned by Warner Bros. Interactive.

MakiManPR2194d ago

And? they have the DC license. They can do it. But they already said a Superman game will be difficult to develop.

THR1LLHOUSE2194d ago

I believe WB owns DC as a whole.

THR1LLHOUSE2194d ago

The reason there haven't been any good Superman games is because, in my opinion, Superman is boring.

It's not the beating up thugs and the flying around that make a good Superman story, but that's all you're going to do in a video game.

I'd love to see somebody make a good Supes game (and if anybody can, I'd have faith in Rocksteady), I just don't think it can be done.

Godmars2902194d ago

No, its that Superman is too powerful. A group of average street thugs isn't going to be any kind of a challenge to him, by all right shouldn't be able to hurt him in any way, so they have to either be given kryptonite or super weapons.

Focus2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

Smallville proved that Superman can be believably vulnerable and entertaining to watch. Maybe make a Smallville game?
Smallville RPG

THR1LLHOUSE2194d ago

And that's what makes him boring. He's virtually unstoppable, so to make the game fun, the developers would have to come up with contrivances upon contrivances in order to make the gameplay work.

Redempteur2194d ago

i think the scar of superman 64 is still strong ..

BUt seeing how many superman player look alike there is in DC universe online i think that there is a potential .

Rynx2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

Go read Crisis on infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis, you could even read Superman: All Star and then dare to tell me he is boring.

crazytown992194d ago

I remember the PS2 game based on the animated series being decent. The trouble with Superman games is defining a fail state for a character who is invincible.

acronkyoung2194d ago

Exactly! How many gamers would get pissed off if the Man of Steel went down from the common thugs that made up the level leading to the boss? They could strip his powers at the beginning of the game and make you earn them back like almost every other game ever, but that'd suck as well. It'd be a tough game to make no matter what.

Sadie21002194d ago

Oh s*** yes, that would be awesome...especially if they can do a dark story with it.

NagaSotuva2194d ago

Nintendogs: Krypto the Superdog Edition...please.

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