Here's How Bethesda Should Have Designed Skyrim's User Interface

GB : Skyrim is an amazing game, the critics acknowledge that and even the gamers acknowledge that, but there are some niggling issues with the game, especially on consoles. But this isn't about the technical failures of Skyrim, it's about getting the core game mechanics right.

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Captain Qwark 92319d ago

DISAGREE, i like the way it is. i like viewing all the pieces in 3D and its pretty easy to see/do everything. i do wish they had one menu where i could see my full guy and rotate him around etc but thats a minor gripe, no big deal

LastDance2319d ago

Its a very cold and ugly interface

Captain Qwark 92319d ago

i like it, personally i like that its clean and simple, i dont need it to look like a book like every other rpg in the world. its ultra simple to navigate and tells me everything i need to know, of course im talking about the 360 version, on pc it may not be so fluid with how it flows from one screen to another, def designed with a controller in mind.

love it, but thats my opinion

mixelon2319d ago

The current GUI is super clunky. They should have put a lot more info on the lists in particular. It's stupid not knowing how many of an item you have already when you're browsing a shop, they do break a lot of common sense UI guidelines.

If there are only 3 properties for each weapon/armour why not just have those stats visible in the list itself. I shouldn't have to highlight every item and remember them to compare stats. It should at least be toggle-able. Then it'd be nice to be able to order things in stat order, so see what your heaviest/most valuable stuff is. I like the skills screen though.

I feel like the UI was a bit of an afterthought or rushed out. :/

jamstorr862319d ago

i have to agree. I was shocked when I saw the UI.

Very underwhelmed. Doesn't feel RPGish at all.

One of the best things of an RPG is going through your skills, stats and items.

This UI has taken the fun out of this.

LightofDarkness2319d ago

It's ok, but it's far from what it could be and even what it has been in previous games. It's been made to cater more toward console users, clearly, by hiding away anything that people may find "complicated".

Apotheosize2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Hate the UI, on PC you have a mouse yet you select things with the keyboard and have to continuously press WASD to move through items, its fucking retarded. Its clean, and I like that you can view items in 3d but I really would have preferred and Oblivion style one

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