Is Nathan Drake South American?

Is there an answer to Nathan Drake's origins in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception? SPOILERS FOR UNCHARTED 3 AHEAD.

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CynicalVision2469d ago

Does he sound South American?

fluffydelusions2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

How does a South American sound? Lots of different countries down there :) But I know what you are saying. Regardless, I don't think he looks or "sounds" South American :P

Pozzle2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

It depends on what you consider to "look" South American. It's possible Drake might have had white parents who lived in South America, or he might have distant Hispanic ancestry that doesn't show in his facial features.



Though the mention of St. Francis Boys' Home would imply Drake is from Kansas (or around that area) since that's where the boys' home is located. He couldn't have gone to the one in England because it closed down in 1974, and I'm fairly certain Drake isn't over 40. lol

CynicalVision2469d ago


' I'm fairly certain Drake isn't over 40'

I'm sure he's not, I think he's around 33-35.

killerhog2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Yes!! He's Peruvian like me!!! I don't look "South American" as well, because South America is just as diverse as the North. Some of us are of Spanish descent and is mixed with natives, natives, and foreigners like: Asians, Europeans, and Africans, at least I can speak for my country (Peru). Some people think I'm Caucasian, some think I'm mixed, some think I'm Russian lol.

P.S: drake does look like he's of European or Spanish descent.

P.S.S: when I speak on a mic, some say I sound Hispanic, some say I sound European etc.

Jasko452469d ago Show
killerhog2469d ago


Yeah because you obviously know me and my country. /s

Yeah I'm the "jack ass" lol at you kid.

Jayjayff2469d ago

he most definitely doesn't sound south american, yes south americans sound in many ways but we all know how Nathan sounds and it is most certainly not south american. Heck he even had a foreign accent while speaking spanish! (i speak spanish, i would notice )

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SybaRat2469d ago

Yeah, everybody knows South Americans sound like Texans, only without as much BBQ. Puh-leaze.

Aaroncls72468d ago

I think the way young Nate said: "Pendeijoh!" made his place origin very clear; USA.

That was hilarious, btw.

THR1LLHOUSE2469d ago

Aw, nice article. Too bad about the tragic ending...

gamer2342469d ago

whats wrong with the ending

THR1LLHOUSE2469d ago

Things didn't work out the way the author wanted...Referring to the ending of the article, not the game.

Sadie21002469d ago

Nathan Fillion isn't South American, therefore...

THR1LLHOUSE2469d ago

And Nathan Drake isn't old and schlubby, so....


CynicalVision2469d ago

What does Nathan Fillion have to do with anything?

harrisk9542469d ago

Nathan Fillion was the fan favorite for playing Nathan Drake in the movie:

CynicalVision2469d ago


So? Being a fan favourite means nothing.

harrisk9542469d ago

Sadie2100 was joking... What is up with the people on this site? Nathan Fillion looks like Drake. This has been talked about all over the internet since the first Uncharted. Lighten up!

DonaldBeck2469d ago

hese a white boy through and through, give it up!

Slient Knight 92469d ago

That can't be true, because Nathan Drake can jump big time.

BlackTar1872469d ago

lol silent knight has some insight

DonaldBeck2469d ago

oh snap homedog i see wut u did thurr

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