Video-game magazines are a dying breed

Once upon a time, print media was our number one source for gaming news. But the Internet has taken over, and print is a dying breed.

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THR1LLHOUSE2466d ago

I used to love getting new issues of EGM and Nintendo Power...Now, I still subscribe to EGM (or rather, I subscribe to them again) but I don't really have the time to read it like I used to.

Pour one out for Sushi-X and Quarterman.

darthv722466d ago

NextGen, Gamefan, Gamepro, OXM, OPM, Nin Power...

They served this entertainment medium with honor and pride.

Although, i am not too keen on the trade off. We are getting anyone who can blog that is making their own site and expressing their own opinions as fact. At least in the mags you had a group of people who contributed to the effort.

NagaSotuva2466d ago

I still have a huge stack of old game mags at my mom's house. She hates me for it.

darthv722466d ago

had a collection. Almost as huge as some have comic books. I just recently recycled them all including the 1st issues of Nin power, EGM and gamepro.

Not sure if they were anything to really collect anymore unlike comic books.

Sadie21002466d ago

EGM is bi-monthly, GamePro is can see where this is heading.

acronkyoung2466d ago

We do have some websites moving to publish magazines with extra content, though. Like 1UP. That's something.

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