Find Out Just How Good Assassin's Creed: Revelations Is Right Now Live

GameBlurb, "Every week the staff members of GameBlurb get together and put on a show for the viewers on upcoming games. This week: Revelations!"

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ishilicious2257d ago

cant wait to see how they improved the physics this time around.

RahatR2257d ago

Lol they probably still use a form of havok.

RahatR2257d ago

The revelations....have begun.

MasterD9192257d ago

I've posted this like 3 times already but BestBuy's black friday deal has this for 35.99...FYI.

ironfist922256d ago

Sure...if you live in America...

MasterD9192256d ago

Walmart actually is doing it for $39.99 on Black Friday...Not too bad and I'd be willing to bet that may be international as well...but don't hold me to that.