Battlefield 3 Patch Fixlist Could Come This Week, or Early Next Week

It's been a little over a month now since the launch of DICE's Battlefield 3. Since its release Battlefield 3 has seen 5 million players come to experience the top notch multiplayer gameplay it offers. But despite it's popularity, breathtaking graphics, and stellar online play, there are still some tweaks to be made.

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quantumriian2468d ago

Battlefield 3 has been out over a month? WTF? Is this a joke?

lifesanrpg2468d ago

has there been a patch yet?

Cosmit2468d ago

As far as I can remember, no. Except for the Day 1 patch. Don't quote me on this though.

cyborg69712468d ago

No patch but there have been at least one back end server side hot fixes. I can't wait for this. Chat is the only thing wrong for me.

finbars752468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

Over a month really it's been out for just over two weeks and they havnt patched the game they do inservice fixing through there server system. So far even though I know that the patch is going to be awesome there will be no more bright tactical lights.I don't mind them but they are way to bright and I find the people using them are the ones who really don't have much skill.I do mean that in the nicest way.It's just a fact no matter what people say about it.

Cosmit2468d ago

People who use them have no skill? Sorry to burst your bubble but I use it and I have ton of that so called skills!

SignifiedSix2468d ago

So you'd rather run down a dark hallway not seeing where you're going just to get shot? Good luck with that! Flashlights are very useful.
Yes, they are too bright, but that'll be fixed after this update.
I could just picture you screaming at your TV just because you got owned by someone using a flashlight. Its pretty easy to kill someone that uses them. Its called... GET A FLASHLIGHT! ;)

DeadlyFire2467d ago

Could just aim for the center of the light. Really isn't hard.

SnakeCQC2468d ago

ive having this weird glitch when using the scar h im shooting and have killed one person with 10 bullets remaining in the clip and the gun jams and wont shoot and i get killed by the other guy

MurDocINC2468d ago

No...still like week and half to 1 month. And another month till they finish polishing the game. That's when I plan to buy it.

C_Menz2468d ago

The reason why it is just being lumped into one patch is because of the way Sony/ MS charge and validate any changes to games. Better to have one than a bunch of small ones for consoles. Unfortunately the PC has to wait since if the fixes came out long before consoles people would get angry.

one2thr2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

I believe seeing an article awhile back stating that microsoft charged publishers for trying to give their customers DLC for free and that caused one of those very developers that bashed sony's playstation 3 for being so difficult to work with and also considered it a closed system, but end figuring out that its a more open platform than the other two consoles, but at that time his companys best selling game of that time was only availible on the X360 and Pc so he decided to up stage microsoft buy releasing the DLC for free on PC and made the Xbox version $10 or $13, to prove to their customers that its not his company that wanted the more but it was their online service providers fault, seeing that they used the money that paid for the DLC to pay the partial cut of what MS wanted inorder for them to be the host that distributes that companies DLC.....
Edit: And there was another article about Microsoft stating that "If another console has a feature that cannot be executed with in a game (Multi-platform) on there console just as well as the other console(s)..... Then they'll (MS) refuse to distrbute it for their console".......

SignifiedSix2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

As an xbox owner and a PC gamer, i could totally agree with that.
It pissed me off when i bought L4D2 on my 360 and payed for the DLC. Purchased it on the computer later on down the road, because of its cheap price on steam, only to figure out that the DLC was FREE!
I remember things like this back then on the PC would just come in with updates/patches. Now you have to pay for all the crap.

DeadlyFire2467d ago

I like the no Random respawn in squad deathmatch. I seem to spawn next to my squad no matter what. I click random for a damn reason.

Owell though..

Most annoying aspect of BF 3 for me is playing for two matches at most then black screen of nothing.

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