PS3 Fifth Anniversary: The Five Worst Moments in PS3 History

PS Uni writes: "The PS3’s success didn’t come without its fair share of very public growing pains, so before we start talking about all of the good times we’ve had with the system it’s only fair that we air our grievances first. It’ll be like if we held Festivus at Kaz Hirai’s house.
So in the first of two parts, here are the five worst moments in PS3 history."

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fluffydelusions2138d ago

I hate how people always bring up other OS. It was a neat feature and such but I'd say 99% of people who purchased PS3 never used it.

WonsAuto2138d ago

Yea, but the few that did use it were *awfully* loud about it losing it and resulted in several lawsuits (one involving GeoHot).

Vortex3D2138d ago

I agree few PS3 owners use OtherOS, but it is part of the PS3 features for the few who do use it.

Focus2138d ago

1% of 1 million is 10 000, 1% of 47 million is 470 000!! Now tell me again nobody used it

insomnium22138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

Ummm... PS3 did not have that big of an install base when otherOS got "removed". Slim didn't have it to begin with you know?

Also the 1% people always talk about is not based on anything concrete. It's just there to try and point that there was little to no use for the feature (when in fact it does the opposite). The actual percentage might've been closer to 0.05% but it's a lot more troublesome to say it let alone write it so people use the easier 1% so yeah that's it.

Blacktric2138d ago

I still remember the times I tried to install and use it. It was painfully slow to load and use.

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Laypoof2138d ago

The PS3 has definitely come a long way through

Goeres2138d ago

One would think that they would want to say 5 positive thing during an anniversary. But hey, maybe it's just me

WonsAuto2138d ago

I'm saving that for Thursday, the proper 5th anniversary of the system.

The_Kills2138d ago

Common sense seems a luxury these days my friend.

Godmars2902138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

That's the industry for you. That FFXIII went multi is a bigger issue than the game not being all that good to many.

Know you wont see an article like this for the 360.

WonsAuto2138d ago


xtremexx2138d ago


Focus2138d ago

Has there ever been a more petition-happy fanbase than the ps3 fanbase? Seriously, everytime a major 3rd party exclusive title went multiplat there was always some sort of petition and/or death threat

Studio-YaMi2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

Maybe stop trolling the "whole" fan-base by the work of some lunatic individuals,eh champ ?

Edit :
not to mention,it can go all around,for the other fan-bases !

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