Zelda: Skyward Sword - The Great Graphics Debate

"Can Skyward Sword look different than Uncharted 3 and still have good graphics? Duh.", says IGN.

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WhiteLightning2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

But dosen't it all come down to what style is used. I think Wind Wakers graphics were better then Twilight Princess ONLY BECAUSE I like cel shaded graphics.

Uncharted vs Zelda is really should be Zelda SS vs Zelda SS HD. It would of looked even better if it was HD, when the next Zelda comes out of the Wii U and it looks amazing...basicaly blowing other Zelda games away then people will be wanting to know why we didn't have that experience earlier like 360 fans got with Gears and PS3 fans got with 's simple really, it's because with this whole "Nintendo are Gods" thing the majoirty of Nintendo fanboys have got in their head where basicaly Nintendo can't do no wrong, it has made them defend Nintendo instead of seeing what Nintendo could achieve if they didn't take the casual route and make a cheap gimmick like system. Really all you got this gen was "Nintendo dosen't need HD"....which is true, it's not going to ruin them and drive them bankrupt but it would help...a lot.

I think I'll wait to see if Nintendo do a port or some sort for their new console. It's not just about the whole HD thing for me though, I want to play a Zelda game using a better control, the whole motion control thing puts me off. If they did it earlier when I still had interest then fair enough but all I want is to play Zelda which a gamecube style controler...who knows Nintendo might announced an alternative controler to the iPad style one.

Mykky2379d ago

To be honest I think Mario Galaxy and Zelda SS looks better than most other console games. I don't really care about the graphics as long as it looks good and is fun and exciting to play.
I am also glad Nintendo did not go HD so early because some games focus too much on graphics rather than good gameplay and fun value.

1. Gameplay
2. Story
3. Graphics

Graphics are not important as long as it looks good and you are not a graphics whore. I still look forward to seeing Zelda and other games in HD though :)

UltimateIdiot9112379d ago

I am please with the artstyle but I can't say the same about the graphics. On my 40 inch HDTV, the beautiful art looks all jaggy and it's not as easy on the eye like UC3. When the screen is small, the art looks amazing but too large and it slightly takes away from the beauty.

Regardless, I play games for story over graphics unless it's to a point where it's hard to make out anything. Looking forward to the Zelda launch event.

pain777pas2379d ago

Very logical response. You see the poor textures because of the screen size aswell at a non HD resolution. If this was a 3DS title then I would love the graphics as much as UC3 in my opinion which leads to Golden Abyss....

wollie2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Graphics in this game are passable (I'm playing it now) but the low polygon count isn't the only thing which sets this title graphically below other games this gen. The animations here are canned and look similar to what we saw during the PS2 generation. Now that we have motion capture technology in so many games they just look more natural and engaging.

Not to say its a bad game, its very good! But you can't just sweep the Wii's limitations under the rug.

People can claim that its gameplay > graphics, but they know deep down inside that they wish this game was in HD with silky smooth animations. Of course in addition to the fantastic gameplay and pacing of Zelda.

UltimateIdiot9112379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Of course, I do wish it was in silky smooth HD graphics. But like you and many, it won't stop us from enjoying how great the game is.

The silk smooth HD graphics can only add to Zelda especially SS. It could have been like a moving art.

StitchJones2379d ago

480i/p is just not cutting it if you are going to charge 50$ for a game. The Wii really made a ton of money when in fact it is exactly a Gamecube with motion controls. The Wii U will hopefully do right by die-hard gamers.

Mykky2379d ago

I think real die-hard gamers care more about having a good, fun and exciting experience over graphics.

_Aarix_2379d ago

Crap accidentally disagreed. Your are absolutely right Mykky. It's fun an that's where th money goes. I kinda hate this new obsession to "better graphics". I enjoy a game for its overall fun factor an d experience.

wollie2378d ago

i like both, is that so wrong?

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