The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Review (

"The game design itself is mind-blowing. The new inclusions feel as natural as breathing. The story is spectacular. Cinematic is an appropriate description – with lashings of romance, a wonderful cast of characters and a truly beautiful world to explore, this is arguably the greatest Zelda adventure yet, transcending even the brilliance of the revered Ocarina of Time. If you own a Wii, then this is the reason it was invented, the game that finally realises the unreal potential of the console. Nintendo are going to have to pull off something approaching a miracle to top this when they bring Link to their next generation console."

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Antholex2347d ago

Great review! Definitely tempted to pick Skyward Sword up now, sounds like it would be a good introduction to Zelda games (yes, I've never played a Zelda game, please don't shoot me!).

WhiteSpyderZero2347d ago

You Sir, have been missing out for too long - Luckily for you, it is never too later to get involved with the Zelda series.

May I suggest you grab A Link To The Past on the Wii's Virtual Console?

I'm currently waiting for my copy of Skyward Sword to arrive, and it is unbearable. To me, the release of a new console Zelda is unlike any other experience in gaming, in terms of anticipation.

TheEatingVodka2347d ago

I'm buying a Wii just for that game lol.. (And I might pick up Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2)
I've been waiting for so long

ssb31732343d ago

Seriously, get wind waker and ocarina of time aswell, they are just as good

T-Jani2347d ago

I hope nintendo re-release this for the WiiU in HD and with better controls. I just don't like motion control, find them inconsistent. Game looks great!

rexbolt2347d ago

have a feeling you never really tried it hmm

GodisaGeek2347d ago

@TheEatingVodka - If you are UK based there are some really good deals, saw a Wii bundle for £89.99!

JebusF2347d ago

It's been soooo long since I was excited for a Zelda game. I loved the Ocarina remake, but a *new* Zelda game? I didn't really enjoy the last Wii one, but this review has me very excited indeed.

ssb31732343d ago

Great game that deserves this score, advised to anyone who has a wii to buy it