BF3 – 5 Flag Maps in B2K on Consoles, DICE Puts Lead Platform Rumors to Rest, Color-blind Mode

MP1st - More details about Back to Karkand and color-bind mode in Battlefield 3 have been revealed. Also, DICE shares it’s response to recent development rumors.

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marcarlos2314d ago

I could see 5 flag maps turn frustrating if not correctly handled. With only 32 players per game on consoles, 16 per side, you only have 3 people per flag. Add to that the large map size in order to accommodate 5 flags, and I could see this turning into a game of not enough vehicles, and having to run for 15 minutes every time you die.

Mister_V2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

Wake island in 1943 on consoles worked well. Obviously can't say the same for the other maps.

Wait a sec, isn't it 24 players on console?

marcarlos2314d ago

Whoops, my mistake. That's correct, only 24 on console.

-Alpha2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

5 flags did indeed work great for Wake Island, but I really hope they have 5 flags for all maps, 4 minimum. 3 flags is too linear

TooTall192314d ago

4 would be worse than 3 imo. I prefer an odd number because of the rules of CQ. Maybe I need to clear up a misconception about conquest.

You only need to have more than half of the total flags in your control. If you do this, the enemy will lose 1 ticket about every 2 seconds (plus whenever they respawn).

At that point capturing another flag will have no impact on the rate which enemy tickets decrease.

I'm sure most of you knew this, but to those who didn't this knowledge will help improve your CQ strategy.

TooTall192314d ago

In 5 flag CQ you only need to control 3 flags. 4 people controlling each of the 3 flags is plenty.

Criminal2314d ago

5 flags should work if spaced out properly, can't wait for b2k! Wake island is going to consume my life.

Mister_V2314d ago

I'd love to see another "air superiority" map with Jets. Perhaps as another "community" unlock?

bunfighterii2314d ago

I think they've done a great job on both PC and console. I'm loving this game on PS3, it's outstanding multiplayer. At the end of the day, whether development was lead on PC or console, the results speak for themselves.

I think DICE have done a great job with all the console Battlefield titles in making sure they equally push the hardware, and neither 360 nor PS3 gets left behind. EA have also been doing a solid job with games they publish as well, and console gamers should commend them both.

Mister_V2314d ago

Agreed, gotta appreciate what we got.

cyborg69712314d ago

They did a great job on all versions. I want this patch now. The voice chat is the only thing that bugs me.
I have been playing mw3 and its terrible. I'm getting back on Bf tonight thank god.

BattleTorn2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

This is great news. The B2K maps sounds better, and better the more we hear.

And existing console conquest maps might also get a 5-flag upgrade is great!

so as long as they make it work, playing Rush with 8-9players per side, on a large map, makes it hard to find anyone. Add 5-flags could mean diaster.

I think they should work at getting consoles to be 16v16.
That would be huge!

Too often do I join a Rush game to find 6-9players on each team. Pathetic. (conquest never has such issues)

ECM0NEY2313d ago

Because conquest is the way its ment to be played.

BootHammer2313d ago

Woo hoo...Wake Island ;)

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