Call of Duty Elite for PC not guaranteed

8bitfix writes: With the recent launch of Call of Duty Elite, servers were not ready for the magnitude of occupants that were to come their way.

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kevnb2466d ago

it wont sell on pc, thats why.

GraveLord2466d ago

#2 most-played game on Steam.

Are you saying Steam isn't a good measure of a games success?

kevnb2466d ago

call of duty elite wont sell, pc gamers typically dont go for stuff like that.

papashango2466d ago

I saw tf2 ahead of mw3 the night of mw3 launch. 1.6 and source cs combined destroy any two cods on steam.

The fact that skyrim get hundreds of thousands of players and mw3 can only get close too 100k during primetime says volumes about pc gaming.

pc gaming has moved on passed cod. this article just confirmed that for me.

ddurand12466d ago

Im unsure why anyone would pay for this anyway.

GirlsGeneration2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

I thought this work on every platform pc,xbox360 and ps3? i didn't know it doesn't work on pc that's kind of sad and laziness at the same time way to go Activision lmfao!

Avernus2466d ago

Paying for stats and unknown DLC. Next up for Activision:

Elite +
- You get 20 additional weapons
- A perk that makes your bullet curve around corners (o wait)
- Classic maps will be making a return, and you'll get them a week early! (or 2 years later depending how you look at it)
- Elite + founder status
- You'll also get 2 additional stat figures in to look at!

Good things to come guys. Just stick with it.

Kamikaze1352466d ago

I can't believe there are people in this world who pay for that crap, lol.

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