Assassin's Creed Revelations: Xbox 360 vs. PS3 gameplay comparison video

Assassin's Creed Revelations launches for consoles worldwide today and before you dive headfirst into your Constantinople adventure, we thought we should help you pick the right version.

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svoulis2440d ago

Wow, wasn't expecting sharper textures on the PS3 version. Either way game on what you like.

The Meerkat2440d ago

I'm still on AC2.
Just too many games and not enough time.

BigPappaPump2440d ago

I'm half done with Brotherhood. I won't finish it anytime soon due to the avalanche of many new games. The online trophies are a turn off, guess I won't platinum Brotherhood and Revelation.

ironfist922439d ago

Thats what pissed me off. I've got a shiny platinum for AC2, yet they intorduced ridiculous and near impossible trophies for MP, forcing you to play them in order to get a Platinum.

I couldnt even be bothered with the SP trophies since I knew it wasnt going to contribute to much for BH.

Not sure abour ACR yet, still playing the SP atm.

blackbirdi2440d ago

finally the PS3 looking slightly better but hell i have all episodes but i got never had the chance to finish them....

DonaldBeck2440d ago

wow the ps3 version looks way better